Katie’s carping success continues!

Katie Watkinson banks a fish known as the ‘Blind Fish” having had what appears to have been an unstoppable year, at it once again Katie explained;

“Oh yes, you guessed it, yet again I was stuck at work in central London and It was looking very good for a bite or two! It’s always the way with me I'm afraid, I do love my job but it does have a massive impact on the time I get on the bank. Apart from the odd occasion most weeks I can only manage one quick overnighter. 

“It was Thursday and the next few days where set to be great conditions both with the moon phases and weather conditions. Anyone that tells you moon phases don't effect fish and their behaviour are wrong. I myself was skeptical on this at first but now, to me it’s a fact that a full moon, especially this time of year will produce fish up and down the country. 

“Why? I do not know but I'm sure there is some mind blowing scientific reason for it. The bonus of a full moon for me is that I can see more than a 3 foot in front of me! My eyesight is pretty awful especially in low light conditions.

“I had originally planned to load up the car on Thursday night. I had already seen that the full moon was having its effect with carpy captures popping up all over the place. "#BigMoon""#FullMoon" and the like, all over social media teasing me to the point I thought about pulling a sickie Friday! 

“Thursday was a fail and no gear got loaded in the car for the Friday night due to not even making it home that night. Friday evening rolled around and I considered getting off the train and attempting the mad dash home to load up the car and head down to the pond but I was so exhausted from my week at work I don't think my body would have physically allowed me to!

“I have to say I did regret being a wimp a few hours later when I got a text message from my boyfriend who did make it there saying he had already landed a fish. The lake is a little on the tricky side and hadn't produced any fish for a while until the first night of the full moon when the fishing switched on dramatically! 

“I was woken the next morning by a call from my boyfriend asking me to hurry down to do some photos of a fish he had in the retainer. He has been after this fish for some time so without hesitation I was up and on my way down. After a quick professional like photo shoot I had to be on my way again. 

“The low stock venue is kept under the radar and membership is limited to 20ish members. Having said that it doesn't take many to be on for it to be classed as busy. After being there that morning it could see there wasn't many on but my only option was to risk turning up after lunch as I had an appointment to have my eyelashes done Saturday morning.

“Be it a pain in the bum I do still do girly stuff from time to time! After lunch, I was already for the journey down to the lake. Off I went buzzing all the way knowing the lake was having a rare streak of bites at current. As I arrived the wind picked up and the clouds looked heavy so was keen to get set up as soon as possible.

“One of the members had to reluctantly leave as his girlfriend decided she wanted to go out that evening.  He hadn't had any fish the night before but I was close to the area fish had been seen. I jumped in his grave, his tea bags still lay on the grass steaming as I set up. I don't know if you would class this as poor angling or not but how ever uncool jumping in someone's grave is. if it puts you on fish it’s got to be done! right?  

“Nothing was prepped for the session and this always spells disaster for me and never the less I sat there tying my rigs and changing my spools over as the heavens opened! If only I was prepared I could have been sat under my Tempest nice and dry at this stage but no! I had 3 rods to get out and 3 spots to bait in the pissing rain.

“Bracing myself for the elements shot out from shelter and put all 3 rods out. The left rod was to a gravel spot at 25wraps middle was hoofed out to 27wraps next to a well knows underwater feature and the 3rd was fished close at only 16wraps to a silt area to my right. 

“On all 3 rods, I fished identical wafter rigs consisting of an 8inch Kamo hooklink and size 6 wide gape. I always like to extend the shank of the hook with a curve made from a length of shrink tube. All 3 hooklinks where quickly attached to my Helli-safe set up along with 3oz distance leads.

“Still pouring down I attempted to throwing stick out the 18mm CCMoore live system free offerings but I was struggling with the furthest rod so had to call for the assistance of my boyfriend who reluctantly ventured out into the rain to help me. Still exhausted I settled back into my brolly brewing a well-deserved tea and cooking my dinner while trying to dry off all of my sodden clothes.

“I looked a mess if I'm honest but hey, at least I had pretty eyelashes! The rain withdrew and I sat watching the water waiting for those all-important signs. I heard one or 2 fish crash to my left but they were well out of site. Often an area they fish visit in the early stages of darkens I knew I had a good chance still as they had been so active the past few nights. 

“I was awoken just after midnight by my boyfriend who had a pretty little fully scaled mirror that I photographed for him and headed back to my swim to continue my dreams of all things carpy. 

“In the early hours, I was jolted out of bed by the vibration of my Nev’s sounder box that I had stupidly fallen asleep on. I sat steering out at my rods blurry eyed wondering what was going on for a moment. The take was very slow and staggered and almost bream like so I slowly got up and picked up the rod expecting it to be a bream.

“The fish swam directly towards me and I was still under the impression I was into a big old slab of a bream. That was until the water in front of me erupted breaking the silence of the night and sending ripples out across the lake in moon light. It was that moment with the old ticker started pounding away and I found myself short of breath.

“The fish gave only the one lunge for freedom until the fight felt tired and she soon slipped over the net cord. As I glanced into the folds of the net in the moon light I could see what fish it was Thought to be the oldest fish in the lake and far from pretty, the prehistoric crusty old one-eyed monster known as the "The blind fish".