Kaptors Unleashed

You’ve all heard the whispers. Well now you can buy the hooks behind the hype, the awesome Kaptors. The development team at Korda genuinely believe that these hooks will outperform any others, especially in clear-water conditions. Here’s why…
The unique coloured PTFE coating is an industry first and will ensure that your rigs blend in better than ever. They’ve been colour-matched with two common lake bed types – weed and gravel, so the carp won’t spot them even up close. What’s more, they possess simply unrivalled sharpness. There is a very good reason for that. The team had noticed that coated hook points just aren’t as sharp as uncoated ones, so they devised a clever solution. The resulting Kaptor point is uncoated, yet corrosion resistant and each hook has its own protective Kap. These little rubber blobs are a completely new concept in hook manufacture that maintain the incredible sharpness of each and every Kaptor. This level of protection ensures that they are always eye-wateringly sharp when you take them out of the bespoke packets.
As you might expect, they’ve already accounted for a load of big fish to Team Korda during testing and everyone who has used them sees the new range as a genuine step forward in hook design. They are available in two mega-popular patterns, the Kurv Shank and the Wide Gape in both barbed and barbless.
A few words of warning though, once you tie a Kaptor on you just won’t be able to use another hook, they’re that good!