Kaptors Tame Fifty - Merv Pennell

Long-time Korda user Merv 'The Swerv' Pennell has been in touch to tell us about his latest trip to La Friterie in France. As usual, he hauled 'em. This is his story!

"I’ve just been out to La Frit again for a week with three mates and my son Rhys. Within an hour of arriving and getting the rods out I had a 44lb 12oz mirror in blazing hot conditions. Later the same day I had a 49lb mirror and my son Rhys had a 42lb 10oz mirror. I thought this was the start of things to come; how wrong I was. They spawned on the Saturday night, all day Sunday, Sunday night and into Monday. To say this killed the fishing was an understatement. I managed seven fish all week, Rhys had two and between the five of us we only had 24 fish, but the weights were good. I managed a 54lb 8oz mirror on the Monday night (a fish called Paw Print).
I had the brainwave that they don't all spawn and the really big old girls would stay away from it all, so I baited heavily with B5 Pineapple boilies and barrels in a quiet, deeper corner away from the spawning activity. My first fish was the 54lb 8oz mirror and all the other fish came from this area on either B5 barrel hook baits in PVA bags with crushed boilies in the bag, bright pink pop ups, or the old faithful sneaky, plastic-pellet rig. I used size 8 Kaptor Wide Gape hooks in conjunction with green Supernatural, large Sinkers, size-8 ring swivels and 3oz Square Pears doing the business on the bottom and balanced rigs. I used the 20lb N-Trap Soft for the first time with the pop up rigs and it has just the right amount of flexibility with the short pop up rigs in bags that I use along with the size-8 choddy hooks, blow-back ring, size-8 ring swivels and 3oz inline Square Pear. The 54lb 8oz mirror was nailed on this rig, with the hook about an inch and half back in the mouth."