Junior Carp Camp

From Thursday 3rd to Sunday 6th June 2010 the Carp Society held its annual Junior Carp Camp and our man Pete Castle was on hand to offer his support. The Korda sponsored event was held during half-term week and had been a much awaited event on some people’s calendar.
The juniors learnt about Carp Care, PVA Bags, Rigs, Ground Baits and Stick Mixes, Particles and, with Pete, Floater Fishing. Pete had a busy couple of days with no less than three, 3 hour sessions on the art of floater fishing with smaller groups of six and eight youngsters. He also went through the benefits of using the new Korda range of floater gear.
Pete said, “I had a great few days. I’ve done a lot of these events over the years and I must say that this was extremely well organised and it looked like the juniors were having a good time whilst learning a bit too. I was teaching floater fishing and we had a few days of good weather, which helped a lot.
The carp stayed in the swim I settled in and during the time I had no kids I just kept feeding the fish with XL Expander Pellets. I even fed them into dark and with no lines in the water I could hear them all night feeding. At first light they were straight back up as soon as I fired some more out.
Some people would argue that catching isn’t everything at these events, but I’ve always made every effort to make sure that they’ve all caught.
I think it might be a peer pressure thing, but when I start to see the faces of those that haven’t caught I try to step it up a gear. I must say that I enjoy the challenge of getting the fish feeding. The juniors can also see that carp fishing isn’t all about laying on a bedchair.
I also try to teach them that carp fishing on the top can be just as diverse as fishing on the bottom. I tend to have an armoury of different tackle and tactics with me to show them, which helps keep it interesting. Everybody caught. In fact, some that were struggling went straight back to their swims with their instructors and bagged a few off the top, which is what it’s all about”.