Josh Bennett's in Red-Hot Form

One man who’s clearly on fire at the moment is Josh Bennett. Hot on the heels of his recent result (see it here… http://www.korda.co.uk/carpfishingnews/josh-bennetts-short-session-chunk/) Josh has been back out and among the big fish seemingly straight away! Here’s the story of how he banked a big mirror on a zig setup…

“I recently took a good friend of mine fishing down to Oxlease for a 36-hour session. He is due to have an operation at the end of June, so we arranged a trip for the weekend of the 13th and settled into our swim.

The lake was apparently fishing quite slow and with fish evident on the surface in front of us, we began by using zigs. I would have dearly loved to have put a floater or two out there, but with a couple of thousand beaks to contend with, I thought better of it.

If you're unsure of how to tie a zig, we now make our own ready-tied versions.

I placed a couple of zigs at approximately 60 yards, using N-Gauge in 9lb and size-ten Choddy hooks at depths of 10 and 12 feet, and also placed a bottom bait in a bay to my left.

I managed to pick up a couple of fish on the bottom bait through the evening, using my usual rig of around five inches of N-Trap soft, size-six Kurvs and the Kable leaders with Hybrid lead clips. This prompted me moving a second rod to the bottom, on a feature out in front and cast approximately 12 midi Spombs of Hinders hemp, maggots and whole and chopped Tails Up OCM boilie around the rig.

I left the remaining rod on a 10-foot zig. Around 4am the zig tightened and I connected with what was obviously a better fish. The line held true in the weedy margins and I netted a lovely 39lb mirror.

That was the only fish on the zigs and as the weather changed and the rain came, the bottom rods kicked into action. Although there were no further monsters, I finished with 15 fish and a few losses, eventually putting all rods on the bottom. My friend had a fantastic time and can now rest up in hospital after his op, safe with the memories of a great weekend. It’s back to the syndicate for my next session so I’ll keep you posted on how I get on!”