Josh Bennett is back among the big 'uns!

Josh Bennett has been back in touch to let us know about an exciting month’s fishing, on two diverse waters, where tactical changes led to a procession of good fish.

Josh explains how it all unfolded…

“The last few weeks has seen two very diverse sets of fishing for me; having fished both a long and short set of sessions. Initially, I had the opportunity for a few days down at my syndicate and dropped into one of my favourite pegs. The weed had become very thick and was a foot or two below the surface in some areas. This meant that I had to change from the COG leads that I had been using, choosing the Hybrid Lead Clip system in order to drop the leads and maximize my chances of landing the fish.”

Josh turned to his favourite COG setup for his morning sessions as the lake was much less weedy.

He coupled the COGs with clear Safezone leaders.

Although he unfortunately lost three fish, Josh did manage to bank 11 as he explains, “Using 3.5oz Distance leads, alongside the Hybrid Lead Clip and Kable leadcore leaders, I was able to coax most of the fish to the waiting net. I did lose a few, but the session was largely enjoyable, and ended with me landing six twenties to 28lb and three thirties of 31lb 4oz, 31lb 8oz and 31lb 10oz.”

Not content to rest on his laurels, Josh headed out for a sequence of shorter sessions, “The second set of sessions saw me fishing mornings before work and presented a totally different set of circumstances. The weed is nowhere near as bad in this lake and I was much happier using the COG system on the clear Safe Zone leaders.”

Josh had built up confidence in his COG setup (see here for more details! http://www.korda.co.uk/carpfishingnews/bennett-bags-up-josh-bennett/) while using it this winter, and he was only too happy to use it again when the conditions allowed, “I managed three nice fish, to mid twenties, during the run of before-work sessions, meaning that my workmates have had to bear the brunt of an office smell that only I could enjoy! I'm now onto a week of nights so won't be getting too much done, but if the sun shines, I may be able to get out for an afternoons floater fishing, who knows?”

We expect to hear more from this prolific carper soon, so keep your eyes on the site for updates!