Josh Bennett banks a trio of 30s from a syndicate water!

We recently ran a piece here where Josh Bennett explained how he goes about tackling weedy waters, and he has since been putting his own advice to good use to bank some cracking carp from a syndicate lake.

His latest session was a bit special as he ended up banking seven fish, with three of them topping the 30lb mark!

He revealed: “The lake was relatively busy for mid-week with five other anglers present, and with nothing much to go on in terms of fish activity, I checked the weather forecast on my phone and saw that the next morning south-easterly winds were due to push up into an area which was free.

“Setting up wasn’t much fun with temperatures hitting 28 degrees that afternoon, but by 4pm I had everything set and two rods were fished tight to a gravel hump surrounded by light weed, and another on a gravel seam further to the left.

“Both spots were baited with a mix of different sized Tails Up pro Marine boilies and Hinders salmon pellets, and this was given a good douse in Hinders Fish Pro and Tuna Oil prior to Spombing it out.

“Using a length of Kable leadcore allowed the line to bed down as best as possible once on the spot, and feeling the lead down meant I could be relatively sure of good presentation. I was using slightly longer rigs than usual, with seven inches of N-Trap Soft with a snowman bait presented on a size 6 Kurv hook. I’d also tweaked the rig by adding a slightly longer piece of shrink tube, as well as lengthening the hook link, as on my last session I’d bumped a fish and two had only been lightly hooked, so this would help the hook flip over better.

“The weed didn’t feel too bad so I opted to fish a conventional lead clip set-up rather than the drop-off system which I favour when the weed is heavier.

“At 3am I had a strange take on the middle rod and only realised that it wasn’t a tench when a pretty upper-double mirror came to the net. The same rod was away again an hour later and this felt like a much better stamp of fish, and after a good fight I landed a nice clean mirror of 32lb.

“The following morning the wind arrived as expected but for some reason the fish pushed off the back of it into the deeper water, and watching them show consistently was enough to get me on the move.

“Within 30 minutes I’d packed up and moved and was casting out to spots I’d previously fished in that swim.

“It was another warm day and I’d been attempting to get the fish feeding on the top, when at 2pm out of the blue the left-hand rod on the deck went into meltdown. A 50 minute battle ensued where I was attached to a machine of a fully-scaled mirror!

“I fished the night and landed four more, including two low-30s, and that made it five thirties in my last three sessions, which I was very pleased with as although the lake is quite well stocked it doesn’t have a big head of carp over 30lb. I was also pleased that each fish was incredibly well hooked, so the small rig adjustments had worked.”