Jon Mann's Big Pit Adventure

The venue I have chosen to fish this year is approximately 130 acres in size, which may seem a touch foolish, as I generally only get one overnighter a week to fish. There are about 100 carp in the lake, although there is mixed opinion on this, they are highly mobile and if found then they can be obliging.

Having recently joined I had little knowledge of the venue and this was to be only my second-ever session on there. The wind had swung to a fresh easterly, the cloud had been gathering steadily all day and the rain had now begun to come down along with the barometer.

Jon's hinged stiff rig scored! He used Hybrid Stiff as a boom.

The hook bait had been soaked in King Crab Supreme.

I pulled in one of the many car parks round the lake at about 6pm and begun a wet wander. The wind was pushing straight down the western arm of the lake and I hoped the fish might just follow it, although I thought they might not venture all the way down to the shallower areas.

There were two swims I had in mind one, about a third of the way down, the other about two thirds. I paced between these swims hoping to see signs of fish as the clock was ticking, and thankfully I did. At first I wasn’t entirely sure if it was a carp that I had seen but then another showed itself in the vicinity. I sped back to the van, loaded the barrow and was back in the swim, which turned out to be the one about a third of the way down.

This was a slightly narrower section of the arm with some enticing overhanging trees about 100 yards opposite, which is where I fished my baits. All three rods were rigged up with Kable leadcore leaders fished helicopter style in conjunction with Heli-safe beads.
The hooklink was a hinged stiff rig, using crimped Hybrid Stiff for the boom and a Choddy hook and Mouth trap for the pop-up section. The hook baits were Monster-Crab-Supreme infused pop-ups. I loose fed with Mainline Cell.

I woke at 5am to my left-hand rod being pulled hard left. The fish had gone through a couple of rotten branches, and I had to down rod to untangle, but after a fraught fight a very scaley mirror was residing in my net.
I was just staking the net down so I could ready the weighing gear and make some calls when the middle rod started to pull tight and kite right!

Another tense battle ensued and I managed to bundle this one into my net with the first, I felt giddy. On the scales the scaley one went 33lb 8oz and the other a lean, grey torpedo went 26lb 2oz, an amazing start.

My mind went into overdrive as I wondered if there was a chance of more. Although I did have to pop to work, I was granted the rest of the day off and found myself back in the swim by about 11am. The few hours in-between were torture as I was convinced every man and his dog were going to be in the swim on my return, thankfully they weren’t.
Later that day I was in the process of re-doing my rods when the line on my middle rod pulled tight and started kiting, much the same the two in the morning. This one got snagged on something on the way in but thankfully I had my waders on and was out up to my nipples when she broke free of the snag.

Another grey mirror graced my net and this one went exactly 30lb on the scales. I was pleased to have my suspicions confirmed that there was indeed a chance of another, but even more so to have had such a fortunate start on a new water.