Jim Wilson's Carp-Catching Roll Continues!

Don’t get me wrong, we all love getting bites, it’s why we go fishing, but I tend to fish places that make me work hard for my rewards.
So, you can imagine my surprise at the crazy session I’ve just experienced – the lake in question is 60 or so acres, with maybe 150-200 fish present, a good stock level, but it’s weed and snag-infested and everything is stacked in the carp’s favour!
I arrived later than planned Monday, slept through the first alarm after a busy old week at work, and sorted the boat and set adrift looking. I spent 2-3 hours afloat, eyes glued to the water. I was really struggling to find them; they weren’t where I expected anyway and the massive amounts of recent rainfall had coloured the water significantly, making spotting hard. After the unsuccessful boat searching I moored up and went tree climbing.
Now, due to the nature of the pit there aren’t many high vantage points, but from one such point I caught sight of three or four fish using a bay in amongst a dense area of snags. I went back to the boat and went for a closer look, mooring up against the snags so as to try not to spook the fish I’d finally found. There were a good 10 or so fish using the area and the water was more coloured than anywhere else. It seemed a good area to start but due to the snags I couldn’t fish where they were, instead able to fish towards the area from a corner of the lake I’m familiar with. I soon had the boat in the swim and fetched the kit. The first thing I did was spread a couple of kilos of bait over the area with the throwing stick, wanting to leave it as settled as I could.
I knew where the rods were going and soon had them clipped up and fresh leadcore leaders and rigs attached and baits balanced off. Soon enough, I had the rods out and set about sorting my home for the session.
Once the pitch was sorted I went and sat by the rods, having let the SUBbraid settle for an hour or so I was clipping on the Stows when the right-hand rod was away, and a frantic battle ensued with whatever I was attached to powering for the snags and heavy weed. After a powerful, heavy fight a mirror surfaced in the margins, and it looked big. After a nervy final few seconds she rolled over the net cord. I soon had her sorted and the scales registered an awesome 38lb 2oz, what a start!
I popped her into the margins whilst I sorted the self-take kit, but not before getting the throwing stick out and topping up the spot with 100 or so baits.
Soon enough I had the awesome carp photographed and returned, and settled in for the first evening, I set the alarm early for a first light brew and watch of the water, and well, it was a good job I did because between first light and half five, I had four bites, landing three, all stunning 20lb plus fish. I kept the areas topped up with bait from the throwing stick, making sure I got the drop I wanted on every recast.
The weather had obviously fallen good for me as the conditions seemed to keep the fish pinned down the end of the lake I was fishing, and regular baiting over the rods, even when the action had eased off, just 30-40 baits a spot kept the bites coming, and on a lake where I’d be happy with 15-20 fish a year I managed 15 bites in 48hrs with 12 landed... What a result!