Jay Willis' Lucky Charm Strikes!

One photo caught our eye on social media this weekend, featuring Korda’s own Jay Willis and his daughter Keira with a lovely carp!

The duo had headed to Jerry Hammond’s Carthagena Syndicate, where Jay has had a degree of success recently, banking a couple of twenties in as many weekends.

“Keira, who’s nine, been coming fishing with me since she was five,” Jay told us, “she comes out with me once a month”.

“We got down to the lake on Friday night, and I was able to slot back into a swim called The Point, where I’d caught a couple from over the last few weeks. I’d been concentrating on a drop-off from shallower water, baiting it only when I was fishing the weekends.”

“I Spombed out three kilos of particles over the area and positioned two hinged stiff rigs over the top. I’d been getting my bites in the middle of the night, but Keira and I had to wait until after first light this time. We saw a few fish show off to the right of the area, so it wasn’t a surprise when the right-hand rod was away.”

“While I was playing the fish Keira was by my side. She was clearly impatient, as she told me, “Don’t lose it Dad!” After it took a fair bit of line initially, I soon had it in the net. It was a cracking fish, one of the Sutton stockies, called Paw Print, and weighed in at 26lb 12oz.”

“Keira has seen fish to mid-thirties already, but she was jumping around with excitement this time!”