Jamie Londors snares a big 'un during a short day session!

Jamie Londors still hasn’t managed to catch his target fish, Boycie, at the Lily Fisheries syndicate on the Cowlands Farm complex, but he wasn’t complaining after banking a new forty for the venue!

The Carp Team England member has had a hectic carp match fishing schedule which has meant that he hasn’t had a lot of time for any other fishing, so he was raring to get back on Cowlands for the autumn and winter.

He explained: “I’ve been on this water for the past two years, only fishing it during the colder months, and I’ve caught the big fish known as Marlene a couple of times, but Boycie has managed to avoid me and has only been on the bank a couple of times during the time I’ve been on the water.

“I’ve been catching loads during that time, pretty much 98% of the stock of the lake, and have been using the same tactics and just waiting for her to finally slip up.

“I’ve been trickling bait in since the start of the autumn, a mixture of Mainline Cell, Essential Cell and the new Iso Fruit bait. This venue involves a lot of fishing locked up to snags, so my tackle needed to be strong, and I opted for a multi rig with white Cell or IB hookbaits on a size 4 Kontinental hook. Behind this I fished a long length of Dark Matter tubing with a lead clip and 15lb Touchdown main line.

“I’ve managed to get three spots rocking throughout the autumn so far, with my first session back on the water producing a stunning scaly mirror of 33lb 14oz plus others of 24lb and 22lb.

“At the end of that session I put in four pouches of bait over each spot and repeated that every few days, increasing the amount if the weather was milder than usual. It worked and on a day session I had four between 21lb and 32lb, and then caught two up to 27lb 14oz for the cameras for Carp TV, having got off to a bad start with two hookpulls.

“After that the weather turned colder but it didn’t stop me from catching, and I arrived on a Sunday morning for a five hour session and ended up with a trip of fish weighing 37lb 4oz, 30lb 6oz and 22lb.

“The spots were really rocking but the other members were beginning to clock what I was up to, so I upped the amount of Iso Fruit boilies that I was putting in so that the fish would really start hunting them out.

“For my next session I arrived on a cold morning with a chilly wind blowing across my spots, and I’d heard that the lake had been fishing slow, but I was hoping that was just because most of the other members didn’t have the same bait as me.

“Two hours into the session I had a drop-back, and whilst playing the fish I thought it was Boycie when I first got a glimpse of it, but once in the net I realised that it wasn’t Boycie or Marlene, but a new forty for the venue as she weighed in at 40lb 14oz.

“I’ve managed a couple more day sessions since then and caught every time, but due to work I’ve not got the rods out for a couple of weeks, although I’ve still been making the effort to get some bait going in around dark and am looking forward to the rest of the winter on there.”