Jamie Bags Up - Jamie Londors

Jamie Londors has been out and about, getting a few bites in between work and family commitments. Here’s the story of his latest cold-water captures…

“Christmas has always been a time for family and friends in my opinion. So, before the festive period arrived, I was able to squeeze few day sessions in around my busy work life.

Having limited time, choosing the right water at this time of year is absolutely paramount. You need to make the most of any time you have available to you, there’s no point sitting in the cold twiddling your thumbs. That’s never my nature; my angling is about going to any water available to me and getting as many bites as possible in that time, no matter how big or small.

My first session was on Ashlyns Farm, which is a local venue to me and one I know really well. So, in the winter the carp typically have their preferred areas where they hold up in the winter. We all know how important location is in the winter, so knowing where the fish are held up makes short sessions a lot easier. I managed four fish through the day and even though they were all small, it was nice to get out and get a bend in the rod.

On my next session I ventured down to Todber Manor, in Dorset. It’s a venue I’ve fished over the past few winters because, being prolific, it always offers good winter action.

Through the day my tactics were simple, casting little bags around every twenty minutes, trying to locate exactly where the fish were located. I managed seven fish through the day; all fish were caught on Slow Sinking Dumbbells in Fruity Squid and IB, chopping and changing between the two through the day made all the difference. Combined with a high attract stick mix, with Almond Supreme and some mini combo pellets from Hinders.”