James Salmons lands the Silver Common!

It didn’t take James Salmons long to get to grips again with a lake that he used to fish, resulting in one of the biggest fish in the lake, the Silver Common, at a spawned-out weight of 39lb 4oz.

The fish on this particular complex had been piling on the weight since James moved off onto other waters, but after just a couple of nights he was holding one of his main target fish!

He revealed: “Having thought long and hard about re-joining a complex of lakes that I had dropped my ticket for a few years back, I decided to rejoin as since then the fish had come on in leaps and bounds! I’d previously caught a fish that at the time was the one that everyone was after, but now there were plenty of others that were more than worth fishing for.

“My first night back on the lake was spent on fish, but in searing heat, and although I had planned to do a longer session I cut it short and left the fish to get on with spawning. For my next session I managed to shuffle work around so that I could fish for longer than I’ve managed to do in a long time.

“I started off in the same area again, but the bulk of the fish were holding out at long range, so I decided to try and second-guess where they would move to and put out a bed of bait. Over the space of two nights this resulted in three fish, all around the 17lb mark, but I also lost what felt like a much better one as well.

“I also managed to catch what was apparently the only bream in the lake, which was then amazingly followed by another! I put out some more bait, but by the next morning the coots were diving on it for the first time and I knew that the fish had upped sticks, so I wound in and went looking.

“I found two of the ‘A team’ in a corner, one known as Moonscale and the other was the Silver Common, but it was already occupied. I noticed a couple of fish show in front of an empty swim and made my way round there, and whilst I watched another couple showed, so I quickly found some spots and got the rods out.

“During that evening I had hundreds of savage liners so the anticipation of a bite was high, and at 3.30am one of the rods pulled tight. I thought that a tench would be the culprit, but after winding down I met with heavy resistance and assumed that it had got covered in weed, but as it came to the net I could see that it was actually a common.

“As it came to the net I still didn’t think it looked big, but after having to shuffle the bulk of the fish over the cord, I realised that it was much bigger than I first thought. It turned out to be one of the ones that I had rejoined for, the Silver Common!

“It was spawned out at 39lb 4oz, and I was absolutely buzzing,” added James, who landed his fish on multi rigs tied using size 4 Krank Choddy hooks to 30lb N-Trap Semi-Stiff.