James Salmons is Back With a Bang!

After a little time away from the big-carp scene, thanks to studies, James Salmons has announced himself again in the finest possible style!

Targeting Elliott Symak’s famous Peterborough venue, Northey Park, James has helped himself to a number of crackers in recent weeks. His most recent trip, however, provided the cherry on the top!

After seeing subtle signs near a shallow hump, he settled on a swim called Elliott’s. He got his rods in position by 7pm and, although the night was quiet, a few bleeps at first light had James out investigating. As he approached the rod, it tore off!

Although it initially found sanctuary in the weed, James was able to free the carp by keeping constant pressure on. He told us, “There was a huge headshake as she kicked free and I started gaining line. I didn’t let up until I’d got her free of the weed and back on to my side. With that, her back came out of the water and I saw her dorsal. Due to seeing the rear of it sticking up, I was pretty sure which fish I was attached to.”

Although the fight was powerful, and the fish regained its weedy stronghold, James won the day in the end, sliding the lake’s biggest mirror into the net.

“At 39lb 6oz, she was actually a little bigger than I’d expected. Her condition was perfect and she never flinched once during the photos.” James recounted. “As I slid her back, I knew the one fish that I wanted the most was now ticked off the list and my summer could most definitely be deemed a success!”

Well done mate!