James Salmons banks another chunk!

James Salmons has been having an amazing run of success at a local water so far this year, and despite having limited time available, that continued with the capture of yet another of the venues big ‘uns!

He arrived to find the lake busy for the weekend, but still managed to find some fish and ended up banking this mirror known as Cut Tail, and although slightly down in weight at 39lb 9oz, it was another one of the ‘A team’ ticked off of the list.

James explained: “I arrived at the lake on the Friday afternoon for an overnighter to find the car park really busy and all the main swims were already taken.

“I went for a walk round to see if I could find any fish in the corners, and it didn’t take long before I came across a decent group of them, and better still it was on a spot that I’d baited previously, and it was now polished off!

“I decided just to drop one rod on this spot and set up well back from the lake so as to keep disturbance to a minimum. After an hour I’d noticed the odd fish drift through, but then a tench came in and started feeding on the spot, and rather than risking hooking it and ruining my chances of a carp, I lifted the rig out.

“I had a walk around the corner and when I climbed a tree I could see that the fish were now preferring the opposite side of it to where I was fishing, and one of the big ‘uns was there, so I packed up and made the short journey around to the new spot.

“Again, I decided just to use a single rod and dropped it onto a spot along with a few crumbled up baits. I climbed back up the tree and it was noticeable that a few of the fish had pushed further out, although the odd one was still coming in close. Shortly after darkness descended a really good fish came out of the water just a few yards out, so I fell asleep with high hopes.

“I was awoken in the morning by my receiver going into meltdown and I quickly made my way to the rod, and a battle royale commenced as what was clearly a big fish just refused to give up. Around 20 minutes later it was finally in the net and after a quick look in there I could see the flattened lobe of a fish known as Cut Tail. It was another one of the ‘A team’ ticked off of the list!”

James used his own variation of the IQ D-rig, with a size 4 Krank Choddy hook, and fished it on a Heli-Safe System, with a Trent Baits ActiveNut wafter hookbait.