James Armstrong strikes gold in his latest surface session...

The weather was forecast to be sizzling, in fact it was predicted to be the hottest day of the year. Consequently, I had planned a floater fishing trip, firstly to film for CC Moore TV, and secondly to make the most of the great floater fishing conditions.

I was targeting Linford One, a venue that I grew up on. It boasts a good stock of big fish and, although a little tricky, I always had a chance of a good'un. I would rather test myself than opt for an easy venue with no challenge.

I arrived bright and early to pinpoint fish in a quiet, calm bay. It was shallow and very weedy with Canadian stretching out in the margins to 15 yards or so just beneath the surface. A few backs were just breaking the surface causing subtle rocks and swirls.

I opted for a mixture of CC Moore Floating Trout Pellets in 4mm and 11mm with a healthy dosing of Salmon Oil - not only for attraction but also to create a slick.

These were scattered across the surface and I soon had a few fish snatching at the mixers. They were timid, but the more I fed, little and often, the more confident they became.

I fed for at least an hour as more and more carp entered the bay. They were soon pac-manning, so it was time to cast out.

With so much weed present, many anglers would feel the need to beef up, but I have utmost confidence in my gear so kept it the same as usual - N-Gauge hook links and size 10 Mixa hooks. They're ultra sharp and I have no doubt the subtler the presentation the more bites you will receive!

I superglued a trimmed down Odyssey XXX pop-up to the back of the shank to mimic an offering, glued a yellow sighter to that, and then tied the hook link to an Interceptor float. Vaseline was then smeared along the link to ensure it floated. I use Adrenaline as my mainline.

I flicked the rig past the fish and drew it back quietly amongst the feeding fish. It was in there minutes before a fish had me sweeping the rod back as it snaffled the bait. I was in and landed a pretty common around 20lb.

I had a right palaver landing it in the weed as I had to wade in up to my chest but it was worth it.

It turned out to be a fantastic day as I landed three up to mid twenties – get on the floaters!

Incidentally, I’m really looking forward to using the new Interceptors later this summer too – the new design looks perfect for the type of fishing I do and with the different sizes available, they’ll be a versatile addition to my floater kit.

Linford Lakes, near Milton Keynes, is run by Great Linford Tackle and is fishable on a day ticket. Call 01908 690969 or search for Great Linford Lakes on Facebook for more information on their lakes, which contain carp to well over 30lb across several different waters.