Jake Taylor Hauls - Jake Taylor

With not much chance to get much fishing in this year due to work and other commitments, I decided to book some time off work this month. With autumn upon us, I thought it was only right to get the rods out for a few nights. Where better to go than to Linear Fisheries in Oxford, possibly the best day-ticket venue in the country?

With five nights at my disposal, I planned to get up there after work on Tuesday night and meet a good friend of mine, Jamie Everard. We were hoping to fish on Manor but when we arrived the lake was already stitched up, so after looking around the other lakes on the complex we opted to fish Oxlease, which has a good head of fish in it and represented a good chance for us to get a bend in the rods. By the time we decided on the swims we were going to fish, Tuesday night was a write-off. I opted to get all the rods and bait ready for the morning and get my head down and be up and ready at first light.

I waited until 9am to get the marker rod out to find a spot for all three rods. In the end I found a gravel bar that runs down the middle of the lake at 80 yards range, which is a nice comfortable distance to fish and even more easy as I was using the new tapered SUBline. Finding the back of the bar, I then clipped all three rods at the same distance and got three solid bags out with trimmed-down Baitworks Atlantic Heat boosted hook baits, tipped with the new slow-sinking IB Plastic Corn, fishing a short, three-inch hook links with a size-six Kurv Shank. I then went on and put 20 spods tightly and accurately over all three rods, the mix consisted of chopped Atlantic Heat, sweetcorn, pellet, mixed particles and a good helping Baitworks Hot Fish Oil, a proper munga mix which works well on all the waters on the complex. It didn’t take long for the fish to turn up. Jamie went on to catch steadily for the next few days and I ended up with 13 with a good stamp of fish and a new PB of 34lb 6oz chunky Oxlease mirror and Jamie ended up with five to 30lb 6oz. It was a great few days spent on Oxlease and I really enjoyed myself and will be back up there again soon!

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