Jae Wright braves a storm to land a new PB!

A social session on Linear Fisheries’ Brasenose Two not only resulted in Jae Wright having a great time with his mates, but it also produced a new PB of 40lb 8oz for him!

His session got off to a slow start before things really kicked off and he ended up landing eight fish, including the big one – a new forty for the venue – plus five others topping 20lb and a couple of doubles.

Jae explained: “I headed to Brasenose Two for a social and I arrived in the heart of Storm Callum, which made fishing conditions very tricky, with a strong crosswind blowing straight across my swim.

“I was fishing spots 120 yards out and the wind was causing me some issues, and being able to Spomb bait out accurately wasn’t looking very realistic, so I had to opt for another approach instead.

“I decided to fish with XS Solidz bags filled with Hinders Gemz 50/50 mix, and inside that I fished a Tails Up Pink Fruitz dumbbell hookbait on a size 6 Kurv Shank hook with a Supernatural braided hook length and a 3oz inline lead.

“It was quiet for the first few hours after getting the rods out, then at 9.30pm one of the rods went into meltdown with a typical B2 take which turned out to be from a nice scaly mirror of 20lb 6oz, which was soon sliding over my net cord.

“I got the rod back on the spot, although it took me a few casts with the crosswind, and then spent a sleepless night wondering if my Trakker Tempest was going to take off, and it seemed like a very long night.

“It was interrupted at 2.40am when once again one of my Delkims went into meltdown and I lifted into the fish. That sparked a ten minute battle and I had no idea what I was attached to, and even once we had it in the net it was hard to judge the size of it in the dark. It was only as we lifted it out of the water that it began to sink in that it was bigger than I was expecting, and the scales pulled round to 40lb 8oz, which was a new PB for me and I was ecstatic.

“As I was wide awoke and still couldn’t quite believe what had just happened, I set about tying up some more Solidz bags, and within 20 minutes the same rod was away again and another twenty was in the net. The action continued for the rest of the weekend and I ended up with eight bites in total.”