It has been another very busy month for Embryo!

It has been another very busy month for Embryo, both on our own fisheries and with the work that we are doing to protect other waters.

We have a major project coming up on one of the most famous waters in the country, Farlows Lake in the heart of the Colne Valley, which has been producing big carp for several decades.

The renowned day ticket water is set to benefit from its stock being protected by an otter fence, which we will be installing in the coming weeks, and it is a major job given the size of the site and with two rivers, plus the Grand Union Canal, running adjacent to it!

Farlows owner Ed McDermott explained: “There are very few insurance policies that cover my stock, and even then I find it hard to believe that any insurer would ever replace my fish.

“Ultimately if the fish get wiped out by a predator or disease then my business and the onsite businesses that rely on the lake are all in trouble.

“Otters are an amazing species, but probably do not bring in much in the way of tax revenue, yet fisheries, retailers and manufacturers bring in plenty! I feel the government should be assisting fisheries with fencing, but I’m not waiting around until they work this out.

“Otters may or may not be in the area yet, but I’m not prepared to wait for the inevitable and protecting my stock is paramount. I have put in place as many bio-security measures as I can, and now the otter fencing is an additional, but important, security feature.

“I’m impressed with the Embryo team, and all things being well the fish of Farlows will be secure for many years to come, and for future generations to enjoy.”

The Embryo syndicate lakes have also been fishing incredibly well, with some of the better fish in South Ings putting in an appearance, including a couple of cracking commons for syndicate members Ben Bowser and Aaron Foxhill, weighing in at 21lb and 22lb 8oz respectively.

Stanton, in Oxfordshire, has also continued to fish well, and one of the Embryo crew, Mark Peters, managed to get in on the action inbetween working on the venue, setting a new PB with a cracking 30lb 8oz mirror.

Stuart Daborn, who is in charge of installing fencing, revealed: “Mark is my half-brother and he used to be a professional football player, and when he phoned me to tell me that he’d caught this fish he said it was as good as when he scored against QPR!

“We’ve now moved on and started work at Farlows, which will involve installing 1,800m of fencing, and it is one of the bigger jobs that we’ve done, and certainly one of the more high-profile day ticket waters that we’ve worked on.

“Farlows is the jewel in crown of day ticket waters in this area, and having chatted to the anglers fishing on there, it is a real mecca and somewhere that is open to all, so I’m really pleased to be involved,” he added.

We also have a new addition to the Embryo team in the form of James Turner, who not only is renowned for catching some very big carp from tricky lakes, but has also been involved with running waters, so is perfect for the job!

For more details on the availability of places on our syndicate waters, or on our fencing service, check out: http://www.embryoangling.org