Irre'Fuza'ble Baits - Neil Spooner

The hook bait is the most important part of any rig, if the carp don’t want to pick it up then everything else is rendered useless. I am going to talk about how I boost the attraction of my baits in order to put more carp on the bank.

So, why do I want a hook bait that has been boosted with attraction? The primary reason for this curing process is to get quicker bites. These special hook baits can work for you in many situations. I want the carp to pick up my rig as soon as physically possible, whether I’m fishing with single hook baits or applying bait, the principle is the same. Making sure that my hook bait has a highly attractive colour and flavour profile is important when trying to achieve this.

When apply bait to an area, once the carp turn up it can take quite some time to get a bite, if your hook bait is no different to the free offerings. This is no for no reason other than the fact the carp have no real reason to eat your hook bait first. They will eat them all with gusto yet how quickly your rig is sampled is purely down to chance. This means that sometimes your hook bait will be one of the first to be picked up but on other occasions it could be the last. So how do you speed up the time in which it takes for the rig to become engulfed by one of these feeding carp? Make the hook bait stand out.

By glugging my once standard hook baits in the Goo I am able to transform the baits into something quite special. The power of these ‘high attract’ baits cannot be ignored. Anyone that has watched the Korda Underwater 8 DVD will have seen how much of a difference your hook bait can make to the time it takes the fish to pick it up. This has been evident long before this of course but in the DVD it is captured perfectly for all to see, leaving no question that the hook bait is of the utmost importance.

I want to be sat behind my rods, with rigs on baited spots, in the know that if the fish do turn up to feed then my rig will be one of the first baits to be sampled. The free offerings are used to draw the fish into the area and the hook bait is there to grab their attention as soon possible. Carp are very inquisitive creatures and once they have tasted the food signals fro my hook bait and then laid eyes on it, they’re going to pick it up – the quicker I can make this happen, the better.

I much prefer to concentrate all of my efforts on my hook baits. One boilie is more than enough to induce a bite, especially if it’s that little bit special. Making sure that these single hook baits are both bright in colour and high in flavour will leave very little chance of the fish missing them and providing that you get your location right, you can catch yourself plenty of carp, using just a handful of hook baits. In the most ideal situation, one hook bait will represent one landed carp.

There is a simple process that I use in order to create my hook baits. It’s a very easy to do and over a matter of days you can completely transform your hook baits from average to amazing. The great thing about the Infuza is that rather than having baits in the bottom of the tub that are almost drowning in liquid and ones at the top that are starved of it, an even coating can be achieved. The plastic insert allows any excess Goo to drip down into the bottom of the pot, leaving the hook baits to absorb their glazing. Once they soak up all the GOOdness, a quick shake of the pot coats them all again and the process starts once more. I keep repeating this until my baits have taken on all the liquids I apply to them, then they’re ready for use.

These special hook baits have caught an untold amount of fish over the last few years and they will for you too. There’s an art to their preparation but it couldn’t be easier. Follow these simple steps and you too can have some irrefusable hook baits in your armoury. Believe me when I say, they’re a must have!

Neil Spooner.