Incredible 'The Big Fish Off' finale in the Amazon Basin!

We have a real treat in store for you this week when the finale of The Big Fish Off hits your screens, as the team travel all the way to a remote part of the Amazon Basin in search of some real freshwater monsters!

Presenters Ali Hamidi and Dean Macey are joined by footballer Bobby Zamora and boxer Paul Smith Jnr, both already mad keen anglers, and they jet off to Suriname, in South America, where they embark on an adventure which takes them up-river and deep into the heart of the rain forest.

Challenge one sees them going in search of arguably the region’s most famous fish - and certainly the most fearsome – as they target piranha, and any slip-up with razor-toothed predator could result in one of them losing far more than just the match!

The second part of the competition sees them targeting one of the most stunning fish that you can catch anywhere in the world – the stunningly coloured and marked peacock bass, and in particular the butterfly variety that is native to Suriname.

These predators are renowned for smashing into surface lures, but are often found lurking very close to snags and overhanging trees, so casting accuracy will be essential in order for them to succeed. As if that wasn’t challenging enough, temperatures are up in the mid-30s and plenty of stamina will be needed to stand in a boat all day repeatedly casting.

Having been more used to staying in five star hotels whilst travelling abroad, the celebrity duo thought that the small Indian village that they slept in for the first two challenges was very basic. So they are tested to their limits when we take them to a very basic jungle camp in the middle of nowhere and they find out that they will be sleeping in tents for the next five days for the final challenge.

This will be the most extreme competition yet on The Big Fish Off, not only due to their surroundings, but also because they will be targeting the legendary piraiba catfish – arguably the hardest fighting freshwater fish that you can catch in the wild, and growing to well over 200lb! It will certainly take all of their energy and strength to succeed, if they are lucky enough to hook a big one from this massive river system –rivers such as the Thames would be no more than a tiny tributary compared to the Coppename River, such is its size!

Dean and Paul get off to a great start with some early action, but are quickly reminded just how dangerous some of these fish can be, as whilst unhooking it, one of its razor sharp pectoral fins punctures Dean’s foot and there is blood everywhere! Luckily a local medic is part of the support team and manages to patch him up, but vital fishing time is lost whilst they wait for him to recuperate so that the challenge can continue!

The fishing certainly isn’t easy, and bites are few and far between, but all of their hard work finally pays off, but who will land the biggest piraiba, as this challenge all comes down to the heaviest fish caught.

As usual, there is plenty of banter between the two teams and the show features some stunning footage of a part of the world that few anglers from the UK have ever seen before.

The finale will premiere at 8pm on ITV4 on Thursday, April 13, so make sure that you don’t miss it!

We have also produced a one-off special behind the scenes film showing exactly how much planning and effort went into making this episode, and it features plenty of fantastic footage that isn’t in the TV show. You can watch ‘Amazonian Antics’ here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTZXLNKepSM