In Pursuit P2 - Ian Bailey

My season so far has been going fantastic elsewhere, but my main target water for this year had been ignored for most of the summer due to a bad algae bloom.
Keeping in touch with my friend Mark, he had updated me on how things were going and he had done well on a couple of recent trips. He also broke the news that the algae had cleared. We were now in the first week of September and looking at BBC weather I noticed a break in the weather with low pressure coming in, coupled with high winds and rain for over 24 hours - with some remaining holiday left, I booked the end of the week of to get up to the lake just before the weather rolled in.
Working through my lunch hour I got away early in order to beat the dreaded traffic. Arriving at an empty lake I had pick of swims and it was an easy decision where I wanted to go with a strong south westerly wind blowing into a bay to my right - it just looked perfect.
I knew the swim really well and where I wanted to be putting my rods. The main spot was straight out in front of the swim at 85 yards on the base of a bar which I baited with 1kg of DT baits Fish and Blood Fresh Orange boilies, along with 3kg of hemp, corn and pellets. Using a Skyliner spod with a 30lb Arma Kord leader it was easy work to bait the spot in a strong wind.
Once baited, two rods were placed either side of the spot with a snowman presentation on a size six Wide Gape. These we presented on a clay Hybrid Safezone leader with 3oz distance casting leads. With the main area baited, I had to have one into the bay with the wind pumping into the corner - it just too good to ignore.
I placed the same set up onto a nice, silty spot, but with a silt leader instead to blend into the area by a small dot island. I then baited with around 50x15mm boilies. The night passed quickly with little sleep due to excitement and the relentless rain, which was very eventful. One part of the night had me holding onto my poor old 50inch Aqua brolly for dear life.
The next morning I was still biteless and had that feeling I should have had one. A few cups of tea later and some breakfast I was cheered up with a liner on one of my long-spot rods. This continued for the next hour or so and had me on the edge of my bedchair anticipating a bite at any minute. All of a sudden my middle rod, the one on the right of the spot, was going into melt down. Panic stations on, I was on the rod in a flash and met with a solid resistance that could only me one thing - an angry carp. The Hybrid Lead Clip had done its job perfect as the fish hit the surface straight away and I managed to keep it away from two large weedbeds in the area around the spot. Slowing the fish down I carefully led the fish in like a dog on a lead and I could clearly see it was a good fish. With it nearing the net I kept the pressure on and netted the fish first attempt. Letting out a cheer of joy I just couldn’t help myself, as it was a great big common. Up on the scales it was down it weight but at 36lb 4oz I was more then happy with this result and a real stunning carp to boot - the fish is older than me and the capture is a highlight for me from the lake. After four phone calls I couldn’t get anyone to come and do the pictures so it was self takes to be done. After wading out and letting the fish go I was more then happy to sit back and reflect on the capture.
Ian (Tel) Bailey