If you haven't watched The Obsession yet - you're missing out!

Korda’s new film, ‘The Obsession’, has been a massive hit with anglers since it was released last week!

So if you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet then make sure that you do, as there is some stunning footage of carp in their natural environment, as well as of them being fished for.

The Obsession is already getting rave reviews from those who have watched this one-off production which takes a look at what makes some of the UK’s top anglers tick as they spend countless hours pursuing carp and how they approach their fishing.

Over the course of one-hour-and-eight minutes, big fish aces Simon Scott, Jim Wilson and Dave Levy are joined on the bank by our camera crew, and each has their own unique way of fishing.

The film starts with Simon Scott as he targets one of the most pressured day ticket waters in the country, Yateley Sandhurst Lake, and rather than relying on sitting behind static rods – which is certainly not a tactic that anyone would associate with Simon’s way of fishing! – he goes off in search of some fish which he can feed and then hopefully catch from right under his feet!

This segment features some great underwater footage of fish feeding and reacting to baits and rigs, and Simon’s passion for this style of fishing certainly comes across – along with plenty of useful advice which will help you to catch more carp yourself!

Simon enthused: “Stalking them is absolutely addictive, it’s so intense to see the fish on the spot, its just the most deeply satisfying way of catching one! I’d say to anyone who hasn’t tried it, you’ve just got to give stalking a go!”

The Obsession then moves onto a totally different water where it joins Jim Wilson as he goes in search of carp that receive very little pressure and it is pretty much just him against the fish.

His style of angling may different to Simon’s, but he is no less passionate about it and spends hours drifting around in his boat watching the carp up close and personal. There is some amazing footage of carp swimming around in gin clear weedy water in this segment, thanks to the use of a drone with a camera attached!

Commenting on why he loves this type of fishing on this venue, Jim enthused: “There’s the tranquillity and getting away from the stresses of everyday life, but ultimately it is the buzz every time one of those buzzers goes you never know what you are going to be hooked up to. I don’t think you can beat fishing for unnamed fish, and its not about the pounds and ounces!”

The final part joins Dave Levy at Cleverley Mere, in Essex, to find out what drives him to pursue individual fish, spending countless hours learning about their habits, and on this particular water that is an upper-40 mirror known as Geezers.

He explained: “Targeting a particular fish gives me the ultimate buzz. Sometimes it might be one that I’ve seen a picture of in a magazine, or someone has told me about it.”

You can watch The Obsession here via the Korda website: http://www.korda.co.uk/carpfishingvideos/team-korda/an-hour-special-from-korda...-watch-now?offset=0
Or via YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTUfgs3i7M0