Ian Poole banked this sought-after mirror soon after arriving!

Pinpointing the times that the fish were feeding and exactly where they were really paid off for Ian Poole, when it took him just 20 minutes with a bait in the water to get a bite!

Considering it came from a tricky venue and was a cracking old mirror of 35lb 5oz, made the capture even more special and showed that you don’t need to fish long sessions in order to catch.

“It was still pitch black when I pulled up and fumbled around in an attempt to dial in the combination to unlock the gate for my latest day trip,” he explained, “however I’d learned from my previous session that being on the venue early could well put me onto some fish for the all-important 7-11am period, making the 5am start from home more than worth it.

“I headed for a swim which would give me a good view of the majority of the 30 acre lake, and it was then just a case of watching and waiting for the first sighting. That came after 20 minutes when a good fish cleared the water, and it couldn’t have been further from where I was stood, but it was in an area that the fish had been frequenting for several weeks.

“I carried on watching for another half-an-hour but didn’t see anything else to go on so a long walk was on the cards. I was a bit surprised by the lack of activity as they had been showing in front of the swim where I’d been stood during the early hours and then moving down to the shallower end after a few hours – which was exactly what had happened when I caught the big common a while back.

“But just as I turned round to head back to the car I was stopped in my tracks by a carp launching itself out over the spot I’d had the common from, and by the time I’d tied up my first PVA bag ready to launch out I’d seen two more.

“I still had the distance to the spot marked from my last session so there was no need to measure the rods out and clip up, I simply tied up the bag and cast out and waited until I heard the marker elastic go through the butt ring and then stopped it, and the bag dropped right on the spot about 80 yards out.

“The known spot in the swim is actually a bit shorter at around 64 yards where there is a strip of gravel between two weedbeds, but I preferred the area past the second weedbed where the bottom was softer with some patchy weed, and I knew that a solid bag with a balanced bottom bait would ensure a good presentation. I positioned both rods about a rod length apart and both of my Solidz PVA bags were filled with a mixture of Mini Mass pellets, crumbled boilies and casters.

“With both rods out it was time to have a tidy up, but within seconds of sitting down I saw the tip of the left-hand rod pull down and the line start to peel off of a tight drag, and I was surprised to already be leaning into what felt like a good fish.

“It did nothing to really worry me, just shaking its head until it livened up closer in and I could see that I was attached to one of the few mirrors that reside in the lake, and I struggled to bundle the old warrior over the net. Catching any mirror from this lake is a result and I was especially pleased to see that it was one of the real old ones.”

Ian’s rig consisted of a size 6 Krank hook tied to four inches of 15lb Dark Matter braid, with a 2.5oz flat inline lead fished drop-off style and with 15lb SUBline.