Huge Essex Mirror Falls to Dan Bruton!

“Since my last update, things really ramped up on my Essex syndicate. I actually had a six-week break from late May to fish another lake. I thought it would be a good opportunity to let the fish spawn and recover before going back for the middle of summer and into autumn.
The weed had got right up and the fishing had slowed down. It made me properly think about how I was going to attack the lake and I came up with a nice little particle mix, which seemed to start generating bites. Before long I was getting multiple hits and catching some awesome fish. A few of them were some of the rarer fish, which made me think that I could be in with a chance of catching the big fella.
The huge, long fish known as James’ had been staying out of harm’s way in thick weed for months and I couldn’t see a way that I’d be able to get a hook in him under those circumstances. However, recently he was starting to vacate the weed beds more than he’d ever done. My last trip had been very frustrating; I’d seen him looking very active during some sunny periods and I placed some baits near the weed only to lose a fish. I didn’t get to see which one it was so felt very dejected.

The future looks bright for Dan's syndicate!

Kontour helped Dan keep everything subtle!

On checking out other areas of the lake I noticed some sheeting up near the lake’s one island and decided to fish that spot for the last night of my trip. I was able to wade out to the island corner and quietly flick the rod underarm to a slightly deeper area that gave a nice crack down. I popped about three-quarters of a kilo of my particle mix over the top.
In the early hours, I had a screaming bite off that rod and the fish kited on a tight line all the way round to my left. There was no nodding and I knew it felt different to anything else I’d hooked in the lake. It then dawned on me that this could be him. As the fish kited it ended up nosing into a weed bed and everything went solid. There were boats on the lake but under steady pressure I could feel the weed strands breaking and after about three or four minutes the fish popped out then stripped a load of line off me. My head-torch was losing power so it was hard to make the fish out, all I knew was that when it came to the surface a few times it seemed to light up quite a bit of flesh!
At this point I just wanted it in the net, so when it next came to the surface I clamped down and guided the fish over the net and tried to lift. I say tried; I couldn’t quite get the tail in the net so I kept shaking the pole until the whole fish shuffled in. I took a quick look, and even though I knew what I had, I needed to confirm it!
So there he was; a huge, scaly mirror carp and my target sat wallowing in the landing net! What a huge buzz. I’d done 29 nights on this lake, had 41 bites and landed 36 carp ending with one of the most unique creatures I’ve ever laid eyes on, which hadn’t been caught for nearly 13 months. I’d thoroughly enjoyed my time on the lake, so I was sad that it would be my last trip.
I’ve been sticking faithfully to using Trent Baits freshwater Shrimp cork ball pop-ups on multi-rigs comprising of 30lb N-Trap soft and Size 6 Choddy hooks, fished on a lead-clip setup and 14 inches of Dark Matter tubing. That lot has been kept flush by using Kontour main line. I’ve found this particular lake to be very spotty and the fluorocarbon main line has really helped me to find the drops within the spots and keep everything concealed.
Be Lucky,