Huge brace of Euro Aqua mirrors for Mervyn Pennell!

Euro Aqua in Hungary is known for producing some of the biggest carp in the world, including the current record of 105lb!

Mervyn Pennell paid a visit to the venue for two weeks, and despite having to fly home for a few days in the middle of it for a business meeting, he still managed to land a string of big fish, including a fantastic brace of mirrors scaling 80lb 6oz and 67lb, for a total of over 147lb!

Mervyn explained: “I was on there for two weeks with my mate Jay and we had plenty of time to feed them and build a swim up during that time.

“The first two days started okay with a few fish up to 50lb, but then I had to fly back to the UK for three days for a meeting. Whilst I was gone Jay had a few more up to 65lb, so when I got back on the Friday I was really fired up for fishing hard, knowing that I still had nine days left.

“It just get better and better the more I baited the swim, and I eventually had a real big one the following Wednesday night that went 67lb, and I slipped it into a retainer.

“By now I’d worked out exactly what rig to use and I never lost a single fish during the session, plus the washed out pink B5 pop-ups seemed to be working the best. I was fishing size 6 Choddy hooks blow-back style on 20lb N-Trap Semi-Stiff hook links of around 12 inches long and with three Sinkers, with three feet of Kable leadcore and lead clips.

“I cast the same rod back out into the darkness and felt the lead donk down onto the hard spot that I had found in my swim. Just an hour later it ripped off again and I thought that I was playing a cat.

“I played it very hard for ten minutes as it tried to run and run, whilst I just kept heaving it back until it slowly popped up in the torchlight to reveal the biggest carp that I had ever seen, and Jay quickly bundled it into the net. It weighed 80lb 6oz and completed a brace for over 147lb, what a night!

“To cut a long story short, I had a load more fish during the trip including a couple more sixties, with fish of 64lb 8oz and 61lb – a fish that reminded me of a big Xmas toffee!

“The 64lb 8oz mirror came on the last night, and after that I let Jay have all the rods and he ended up with five runs, including an absolute kipper of 86lb. It really was an excellent trip, and aside from the fishing I also managed to shoot a wild boar which we all ate during our party night!”