Horton Church Lake day session hit for Dave Levy!

Dave Levy had an amazing result when he turned up at Horton Church Lake and caught three fish during a day session!

The famous Colne Valley water has always had a reputation as being a tricky lake to catch from, but Dave managed to land two 4s and a twenty, and was packed up and on his way home by 3pm!

Dave revealed: “I just knew the lake was going to switch on and I had to be there, and on my previous session I’d lost a forty which I was really upset about at the time.

“I’m used to fishing on venues where I’m after one big fish but decided to have a season on here as there are a lot of big fish in Horton and they’re catchable, so it makes a nice change being able to get a few bites.

“I left home around 4am and arrived at the lake and was set up by 5.30am, but at 7am I saw a fish show and moved straight onto it. Within 20 minutes of casting out I had a 20lb mirror and was just putting that back when the other rod went off and that was a 40lb 10oz mirror.

“Then at 11am the same rod produced another bite and this time it was a 44lb mirror. I’d wound in and packed up by 3pm as the feeding spell has been in the morning and I was more than happy with what I’d had!

“There were three other anglers there, one who’d been fishing for nine days and the others for seven days, and none of them had a bite, so it just shows that being mobile and dropping onto showing fish can be very effective – although I went back for another go and moved onto one I saw show and the bloke who went into the swim I’d vacated had a 45 that night so it doesn’t always work out.

“All three fish came from an area 25-30 yards out where they’d shown and I was fishing chod rigs and a version of the combi-rig over the top and baiting with 30 Mainline Essential Cell boilies which I catapulted out.”

Dave was using chod rigs tied on size 4 Choddy hooks to 25lb Mouth Trap hook links, or combi-links with a boom section tied on N-Trap Semi-Stiff and 25lb Mouth Trap to a size 4 Choddy. All his fish were landed on 12lb Kontour fluorocarbon main line.