Holding The Baby - James Davies

Renowned big-carp angler, James Davies, has banked one of the prestigious, original Yateley Car Park mirrors. Fishing the Islands swim, James bagged the sought-after Baby Orange at 40lb 12oz. This is the second original mirror that James has banked from the super-hard venue, after landing the since-departed Dustbin twice.
James hand-placed his bait along the right-hand margin of the Island swim, dropping his lead into 5ft of water at the bottom of the marginal shelf, a spot that he’d prebaited the week before. He baited his trap with 1.5kg of hemp, pellets, tiger nuts and CC Moore XXX boilies.
James got his 11th Car Park bite at 11pm on the first night of what was to be a 72-hour session. The fish weeded him up after making a short, powerful burst. Fortunately, James was able to lead it, weed and all, over the net cord and bundle the whole lot in! Once he’d identified his captive as the Baby O, James let out a shout, in traditional Yateley fashion, before celebrating with a much-needed brew!
He fooled the cautious, old carp using 20lb Gravel Brown N-Trap, attached to a size-six ESP D7 hook and a 5oz Flat Inline Pear lead, fished breakaway style on a 6ft leadcore leader. He tamed the Baby O using his trusted Terry Hearn 12ft 9in 3.5lb test curve rods and TS500T reels, loaded with 20lb fluorocarbon.
James now turns his attention to the craftiest of the original mirrors, Arfur, for the remainder of the autumn. Best of luck with that James!