Historic old carp for Charlie Fenner!

Charlie Fenner has been catching consistently at the famous Silver End Back Pit, and it is only a matter of time before he bumps into one of the big ‘uns!

It has taken him a little while to get to know the venue, but he has already managed to land four fish since starting his spring campaign at the Essex venue, including some proper old ones!

He revealed: “I purchased my ticket in early February and had my heart set on going in search of some true old Essex gems. I’ve spent seven nights on the lake and have gained a good knowledge of as many swims as possible, so that if it is busy when I arrive I can still slot in and quickly get two rods out.

“On my fourth night I had a chance to drop into a popular swim known as Lumpy’s, and as we’d had a week of stable, warmer weather, things were looking good. I spent 20 minutes having a lead around to locate a couple of nice areas, and settled on two firm, clean areas amongst the silt at the back of a bar.

“I tied up two hinged stiff rigs with size 6 Choddy hooks and white pop-ups on each, which I flicked out to the spots and then put out a good few pouches of Manilla boilies. That evening I watched quite a few shows in the area and could hear them crashing in the darkness.

“Just before first light I was awoken by a churner on my left rod which resulted in my Silver End fish - a dark, scaly one which wasn’t the biggest of carp, but at 17lb it was an absolute corker. It was great to kick things off on a new water.

“The following week I was back at the lake on the Thursday and had booked the Friday off work, and with a strong, freezing cold south-easterly wind blowing down the lake, I dropped into a sheltered area on the back of it, a swim known as the Channel.

“The area was like a mill pond compared to the rest of the lake and felt a lot warmer, and when I had a plumb around a snaggy bush on the far bank I found that the bottom was clean in about 8ft of water, so I set my traps and fished my rods locked up.

“At 7am the next morning I had a sharp pull on the right-hand rod and then the bobbin dropped back, and after a short scrap I slipped a 12lb common into the net. I was feeling confident of another bite, so clipped on a fresh rig and put out a bit more bait.

“I then spent the next hour watching them fizzing on the area before receiving a savage take on the same rod, and this time it was a mega-looking 20lb scaly mirror! I packed up the following morning after a blank night, but my plan had worked and at least they’d turned up as I expected them to.

“I managed to get back on the following Thursday, and once again had managed to clear all of my work for the Friday, so I had two nights ahead of me and opted to fish in Lumpy’s again, spreading a kilo or so of boilies over my two spots.

“My alarm went off at 7am and I lay watching them show down to my right, but I sat patiently on my hands as they started to work their way towards me before ending up on my bait. Around 8.15am I had a take whilst photographing a fish for another angler, and my mate, who was watching my rods for me, shouted for me.

“I ran back to my swim and took the rod from him, and after a short scrap another old character was in the net. This one weighed 18lb 12oz, and although not in the best condition, it was another one that was as old as the hills.

“I feel that things are really starting to fall into place, and hopefully I can now succeed in catching some of my targets!”