Help Secure Our Sport's Future by Bidding in Exclusive Auction!

Here’s a simply unique chance not only to own some exclusive Korda carp fishing memorabilia, but also to play a part in securing the future of our sport.

Most of you will know that Danny Fairbrass set up Embryo Carp Angling Habitats to help safeguard the future of carp fishing, through protecting fisheries from otters by fencing, and stocking and improving others. He’s doing all this with his own money, giving back to the sport that’s given him such a successful career. If you want to help too, we’ve got just the incentive. Dan is auctioning off a dozen of his mixed T-Shirts to fund the stocking of some incredible VS Fisheries carp into Embryo waters.

Bids of all sizes for the T-Shirts will be warmly welcomed, but Dan has special plans for bidders who go the extra mile, as he explains, “A five-year-old fish from Simon Scott at VS Fisheries weighs approximately 15lb, and costs £270 and a six-year-old fish will be approaching 20lb and will cost approximately £700. Anyone who wins a bid in excess of these figures will get their name on the fish and will receive a thank-you letter from me, as well as a framed photo of the fish as it is stocked this winter.”

Bidders who secure the purchase of individual fish will get to see their sponsored carp grow, along with its new home, into something really special. We’ll be running the auction until the end of September, and those interested in bidding for one of Dan’s T-shirts should contact rob@korda.co.uk with their bid!