Great catch of big Holme Fen carp for Brad Greening

Brad Greening’s latest session at Holme Fen Fishery got off to a bad start when he lost a big fish, but it all came good in the end when he banked a trio of 40s, plus a couple of smaller specimens!

Brad tackled the Cambridgeshire water for mirrors of 46lb 4oz, 45lb 2oz, 41lb 12oz, 38lb 4oz, plus a low twenty, despite having to move swim to get onto the fish.

As he explained: “I came out around midway in the draw, but my preferred swims where the majority of the fish appeared to be held up were already gone, so I opted to fish the Dugout. It had some shallower water in front of it compared to the rest of the lake and with temperatures on the rise I thought that the fish would venture out of the deeper water.

“Unfortunately I got it wrong, and a change of plan was needed as they were still in the open water and far bank snags, and the water in front of me looked lifeless. A change of tactics was in order and it quickly resulted in me losing a large fish and then opening my account with one of 38lb 4oz. I was delighted, but knew that if I could get into the main body of water I’d be catching more, and the next day a swim around to my right on the point became available, so I moved in.

“I found a nice spot at 110 yards out in front of me – a raised area that was 12ft deep and surrounded by 15ft of water, which was easily big enough to fit three rods on. There was also some fresh weed on the spot which was crawling with naturals, and with the rest of the bottom being quite barren, it had to be a good bet.

“I decided to bait heavily as the lake has some very big fish and they seemed to be tightly grouped, and I thought that I could get them feeding heavily and competing, so I put out seven kilos of whole and chopped Mainline Link boilies, along with three kilos of corn. I had been soaking the boilies in lake water and Link Activator since I arrived as when I bait heavily I like to do so with washed-out baits.

“I fished with spinner rigs incorporating size 4 Kurv Shank hooks baited with 12mm pop-ups soaked in Almond Goo, to a 10 inch boom section – longer than the 6-7 inches I usually use due to the weed.

“My plan worked, as the following night just before first lights I was greeted with a brace of 40s, with the first weighing in at 45lb 2oz, and the second at 46lb 4oz. I only had one rod out still, but as I was photographing the second fish that also tore off and resulted in a low twenty!

“I got the rods back out and the sun was now high in the sky and it was warming up, with the temperature approaching 20 degrees, and the last thing I was expecting was that any fish would be on the deck in 12ft of water, so I changed all the rods over to zigs. This paid off in the early afternoon when my piece of red foam set at 7ft was away and I was rewarded with a lovely 41lb 12oz mirror – my third forty of the day and my final fish of the trip.”