Gracie's Tops Trio of Big 'Uns for Si Kenny!

“Autumn is an excellent time of the year to be out angling. As the temperature drops the carp can often lower their guard slightly, as they try to build weight to see them through the winter.

I've been fishing the Essex Manor right through the summer and as we came into autumn it became noticeable that the carp’s behavior patterns started to change. The fish were spending more time in the open water and seemed willing to feed there.

I arrived on the Sunday with 72 hours ahead of me I knew roughly the area I wanted to be. As the weekend anglers departed I managed to secure the Steps swim. This swim has been very kind to me and I've managed to capture a few of Manor’s bigger residents from here it commands a large area of open water. Also talking to the weekend anglers it became apparent a lot of fish had been showing in front of here.
All three rods were wrapped up to spots I had caught from before and I went in heavy with the bait. I didn't have to wait long for a bite and literally 15 minutes after getting the baits out the right-hand rod was away and after a slow, heavy battle I slipped the net under a very large mirror. She pulled the scales around to 44lb 10oz. I later found out it was a fish called Gracie’s.
I had to wait until the following day before I had any more action and, at a similar time to the day before the right-hand pulled tight and I was away with yet another slow, heavy fish. This one turned out to be a repeat capture the peach spawned out at 42lb 4oz. I slipped her back without photos as I had excellent shots from the first time we met.
A brace of forties was a fantastic result and proved that my heavy baiting was paying off in style. Later that evening I managed my third and final bite of the trip again on that lucky right-hand rod. That turned out to be the beautiful Scaley Lin weighing in at 38lb 11oz.
I got through 10 kilos of Sticky Krill during my trip and all three fish were caught on 16mm Krill Pink Ones pop-ups. My end tackle consisted of Elliot Gray hinge rigs made from 20lb N-Trap Soft and 25lb Mouth Trap, tied to a size-four Choddy hook, Hybrid lead clips and Dark Matter tubing. I've been using this setup all season and it copes with the large, hard-fighting Manor carp beautifully.”