Goo Whacker - Mark Palmer

Having been away from the bank for quite some time due to the cold weather I decided to dust the rods off and have a go down at Anglers Kabin Cottington for some of their famous scaley mirrors.

Since being on the shoot for Underwater 7 & 8 I can safely say how much it has opened my eyes to the new Goo. I'm not one to jump onto a new product as such, but looking back over last summer’s results I'm glad I did. I have been lucky enough to have caught some of my target fish from a very low-stock syndicate in Kent, using the Goo. A lot of people seem to associate the Goo with a small-fish approach and a product to be used on runs waters; I can tell you this is not the case and it has definitely given me the edge when it comes to catching wary fish on a low-stock water.

Having noticed a few fish were coming out of Pepper Lake over the last few cold months I knew it would be time for one of the bigger residents to make an appearance. Working Wednesdays and Thursdays allowed me to do a few quick overnighters to try and catch one of these beautiful carp. There was a full moon of the way, which luckily fell on a Wednesday night, so I knew a lump was due out.
Once down at the lake, I placed my rods as tight as possible to the reeds. Using a MVP Nut-Ban Pop-Up, which has been soaked in Goo, coupled with a small bag of Mainline Response Pellet - I then sat back and patiently waited for one of my rods to slowly tighten up.

After a long, cold night I was suddenly awoken to a sluggish take as it got light. I found myself attached to a sold weight, which was hardly moving. The 2.5lb test curve rod was well and truly bent round to the butt and was slowly taking line. As I gained more line I managed to get her a few rod lengths out; where she decided to give me a right run for my money. After a hard battle a perfectly scaled 28lb 8oz mirror graced my net. I was able to quickly unhook her and plop my rod back onto the spot in hope to catch another, but when they come as pretty as this I couldn't really care...

Mark Palmer