Going For Gold - Jake Wildbore

The last few weeks have been amazing, filled with new experiences and great results. I managed to get the chance to fish a new lake on the Cotswold Water Park, which I have been trying to get on for a year or so now. On arrival, I had a good look round and realised that the majority of the swims were closed due to the fish spawning.
I managed to find a point on a shallow bay, where I had seen a few fish cruising. It looked really good with a south westerly wind trickling in. As the temperatures were reaching over 25˚C they were bound to get in at some point.
I had a plumb around and found that it shelved off quite dramatically from 2 to 4 foot, it was also the only area where I could find light silt weed.
After plenty of research and a long chat with Ian Moore, I decided to go with the Livesystem, though I’d not used it before, instead of my trusty XXX. I scattered 30 to 40 baits around each rod and it produced two fish to mid twenties, on my first night. The weather held and I managed to winkle out three more fish, all to mid twenties.
At 3am on my second night I had a take and straight away I could tell it was a better fish. After a slow, sluggish fight I finally managed to shuffle it into the net. It pulled the scales round to 37lb 8oz, a new PB. I was over the moon and can’t wait to get back down there again!
The BYCAC is fast approaching and by the time you read this it’s probably well under way. I’ve been helping my mate practice at Linear. St. Johns is a very prolific water and is always busy, but I managed to sneak on as an angler left.
I took extra care baiting up, ensuring there was no bait anywhere near my line as they’re really line-shy. I scattered boilies behind my marker, just off the gravel where it emerges from the silt.
The rigs were kept simple with my faithful KD rigs, a single XXX Odessey with a slither of cork inside and crumbed down XXX in a bag. It only took an hour or so before I had my first take, an upper double. That night I managed a few more bites to mid-twenties.
Once I knew the XXX was working, I thought I’d try the new N Gage XP the following night. Around 2am I was into another one of the Linear residents, but this one was a long anxious fight and felt a lot better fish. It took a few minutes in the net to realise which fish it was, it’s a fish know as the Big Common!! Not only was it another PB 38lb 10oz it was my first fish on the bait!!! I couldn’t believe the luck I was having in just a couple of weeks, I just hope it continues.