Girl Power - Demi-Marie Barnard

If you’re a carp-fishing twitter fan then you’ll probably have seen tweets by female carper Demi-Marie Barnard. She’s certainly making a name for herself in a sport that’s still relatively male-dominated. Here’s a little bit about her carp-fishing career to date…

“Carp fishing for me is both old and new. I found myself around fishing enthusiasts from a young age, spending occasional weekends relaxing bank side with my dad, watching him land impressive-sized fish over and over again. It wasn’t until I decided to settle with a man exactly like my father that I started to really get the bug for angling. Only after fighting a losing battle, making him decide who he loved more, the fishing or me, did I decide to get involved. I wish I could say I was eased in to the sport but truth is I was thrown in head first.
I will admit I was reluctant; fishing isn’t exactly tailored to a women’s every need – I couldn’t believe just how much was involved. I was very narrow-minded and did think fishing was literally hook, bait and a rod. It was genuinely an amazing experience to see how much technique was required and the care and attention necessary to land huge fish. After giving it a go myself and landing a few fish, I couldn’t believe just how much I loved it and how much I appreciated what I had actually caught.
I have now been fishing about a year and spend every free minute I have either at a lake, in a tackle shop, at home watching something fishing related, or no doubt talking about fishing; I’m literally hooked (excuse the pun). I always want to try new things and like all anglers I’m keen to improve and continue to learn new skills. I have had great success so far landing some beautiful fish, including a number of smaller commons and mirrors as well as a common and a ghost carp both at 18lb and another stunning common and also my current PB at 29lb. Working full time in the city there is literally nothing I love more than escaping to a picturesque lake, catching carp and no doubt having some great banter with other anglers. Like many of you, I won’t be holding on to my current PB for long, so watch this space.”

Demi-Marie Barnard