Gigantica's most wanted

With Team Korda soon to be on their way to France, we have gathered the top five fish in Gigantica’s Main Lake and combined them with the boy’s target lists.

One on everyone’s target list is certainly Fudgy’s, the queen of the lake. Fudgy’s was named after Dave Fuidge who landed the big mirror at 61lb 10oz back in 2009. The lake’s current largest mirror was last caught on 24/06/2015 at a spawned out weight of 74lb 12oz. With the majority of the team after her, will she make an appearance on the Team Korda Trip?

The Immaculate
As the name suggests, The Immaculate is a scale perfect common carp. A fish that went missing for four years and now weighs over 70lb. A very cute carp that was last out late on in 2014 at 73lb. Can the biggest common currently in the lake be tricked onto the bank by Neil Raison who had this fish as number one on his target list. Neil will be putting a new prototype hook link through its paces and what better way to test it than against a carp of this immense size.

The German
One that certainly loves his food is The German. This angry looking mirror was last out from the Alamo swim on 25/04/2015 weighing a huge 77lb. He is a very rare visitor to the bank, however can anyone winkle out this magnificent mirror? A fish in Neil Spooner’s top five, hopefully his Pineapple Goo’d hook bait will have him bent into this colossal fish. Amongst Neil’s Goo’d up hook baits, there will be a mixture of boilies and tiger nuts spread in his swim that Neil is hoping will be enough to lure one of the bigun’s onto his spot.

The Target
Another fish that was on everyone’s hit list was The Target. This is Danny’s target fish from Gigantica, hence the name. She’s a monumental carp, previously weighing up to 69lb. However the gaffer has some competition as this creature is very popular with the rest of the team. Attracted by a Mainline Banoffee wafter when James Turner landed the deep-bodied mirror in 2014 on the last Team Korda Trip, it may be worth sneaking out another sweet hook bait to trick this grey flanked mirror onto the bank.

The smallest carp on the hit list and a rather scaly one is Fred. With a top weight of 51lb 4oz and named after its original captor, Fred from Holland, this fish is renowned for being caught from The Tree Line Swim. On the list for his looks and not necessarily size, this beautiful chestnut carp will certainly make one of our lads extremely happy should he make an appearance.

Unsung heroes
With the bigun’s in Gigantica claiming all the limelight, the so called smaller carp don’t get as much praise as they deserve so we decided to make a top five overlooked list.

The Patched Fully
A very scaly carp and one that would not look out of place in a mature English water, this old looking fully at 46lb is a fish that deserves all its glory.

Mad Max
Along with the Patched Fully, Mad Max is another scaly Gigantica carp weighing 37lb. One that was landed by Neil spoons last year, this carp is surely up there with the prettiest.

Mr. Chow
A cool looking carp that our very own Rich Stewart landed back in 2014 at the last Team Korda Trip and weighing around 45lb, this dark mirror will certainly not go unglorified.

The leather
Another perfect condition carp that is overshadowed quite often is The leather. At around 45lb, this beautiful fish would be nothing less than an accomplishment if it landed in your net.

And of course, every good lake has that funky or ‘character’ fish in and Gigantica is no exception with Quasimodo at 41lb. Named for obvious reasons, this weird shaped carp is one not to go unnoticed and will definitely be one to talk about at the dinner table.

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