Gigantica Whackers - Michael Friedmann

Team Korda Austria’s Michael Friedmann spent a week on the mighty Gigantica and made a dream season complete with the capture of Spence’s at 68lb! The success wasn’t just limited to Michael either as he explains…

“That was a crazy week I can tell you… well, that was a crazy season. This year I finally caught my target fish, Sausage, after a couple of years hunting for it. That big common was a new PB at 61lb 7oz.

We’d been looking forward to the Gigantica trip for months. My angling friend Albin came out of the hat first and chose Co’s Point. I came out third and took The Beach. We were subjected to some very heavy storms for the first few days and there was only one bite during this time to Barty the bailiff’s rods. The result was the wonderful Fred at 50lb plus.

It wasn’t until the night after, at 06:05am to be exact, that I had my first and only take of the week. After an epic battle during which I was dressed only in shorts, shirt and socks in the heavy rain, I manged to slip the net under my new PB in the shape of Spence’s at 68lb. I was over the moon. It took several hours for the capture to sink in. I was completely overwhelmed with this colossal fish.

The rest of the week belonged to Albin who managed some hectic action. After catching fish of 37lb 4oz and 59lb in one night, he managed to land Pips at 59lb 5oz and the biggest fish in the lake, the stunning Fudgies at 80lb 4oz on the last night of our trip. UNBELIEVABLE! We were both using rich fishmeal boilies in 20mm and 22mm. I, as always, had full trust in my combi-rig made of IQ2 with a section of Supernatural connected by a ring swivel.

I will remember this trip fondly and want to thank Barty the bailiff who went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that we enjoyed our trip and his fish care for these stunning carp of Gigantica is second to none. Thanks must also go to Tom Dove and my mate Christopher Freuen, who were both influential in providing us with some great insights to this great venue.

Michael Friedmann