Gigantica Update

Gigantica’s incredible stock of scaly beasts and deep, thickset giants sets it apart from most other waters in France.

2014 has been an exceptional year, we’ve had more fish and bigger fish than ever before, and with winter setting in, we have another spectacular offer for you.

After offering free and discounted holidays at the start of 2014 a few lucky anglers ventured across the channel to tackle the cold, clear depths of Gigantica. Since then, we have seen a number of personal bests smashed and a lot of very happy customers re-booking for the following year.

Not only has 2014 been a memorable year for the sheer number of fish caught, the weights have been staggering too. Extra angling pressure, bait and the weed growth have all played a massive part in the exceptional growth of some of the monsters. Unbelievably, the Queen of the Lake, Fudgy’s, has now registered weights well in excess of 80lb. There are a few other huge fish that are now extremely close to hitting that monstrous milestone. We now have an incredible twelve different 70lb fish swimming around too. That’s not forgetting the large number of scaly carp sitting behind the A-Team stock, all of which make for a rather incredible stock of carp.

Due to availability, we have a few offers for you. Throughout January, February and March the price for the fishing is £120 per week. This effectively means that you’re fishing Gigantica for FREE! So, what do you get for your money? Well, the £120 pays for your food for the week, which includes a breakfast roll brought round to your swim and then a very hearty evening meal. We understand that it’s very early in the year, but if you scroll back through previous catch reports, you’ll find that not only are there plenty of fish caught at this time of year, but some of the bigger residents often make an early appearance.

This isn’t the only offer we have for you in 2015 either, try these for size…

A week in April and May: £395.
A week in June and July is £495.
A week in August, September and October is £595
A week in November is £395

All of the above prices include the food package. So, there you have it, plenty of big carp, great facilities, cheap holidays and still some availability!

So, if you’re interested please feel free to call us on 01268 820440 or email us on bookings@gigantica-carp.com.