Gigantica Roundup - September

In the first installment of what will be a regular, monthly slot, Gigantica fishery manager Danny Turley has been in touch to tell us about his highlights of the month from the French Mecca.

Well, September proved to be as a fantastic month to be fishing Gigantica, as we anticpated. Fish and bait well because the opportunities are there and some amazing captures of big fish were to be had. Several anglers took braces of fifties and the Golden roll was acheived......a 10lb, 20lb, 30lb, 40lb, 50lb, 60lb and a 70lb fish in one session!!

It's a fantastic month to be here, the trees are losing colour, those very carpy, misty mornings aren't far away now. People always ask me for tips on how to fish here and I see the same mistakes, week in, week out. I'd say that simply getting your hook baits on your baited area is key; it sounds very simple, but its a mistake I see time and time again.

The nights are drawing in now and the night tempratures falling but that means one thing....BIGGER carp. I'm seeing huge gains in weight throughout the stock, with fish putting on a pound per week. They can only manage these very impressive gains by eating huge quantities of bait... and that means more chances of us banking them along the way!

This report will be a monthly affair, so check out what's happening throughout the month. I look forward to meeting some of you over the coming few weeks, and hopefully will get the chance of taking your photos of your new PBs.

First up this month was the Clown, which was trapped at long range out of Pole Position. The deep-bodied fish weighed in at 46lb and fell as part of a three-fish catch. Next, Dan picked out this immaculate specimen, called Two Cs, which was the first of a run of fish to register new top weights – something that is happening on a weekly basis at the venue. Two Cs weighed 46lb also, and fell as part of a five-fish catch out of Alcatraz.
Now, Gigantica is well known for its deep-bodied mirrors, but it also has one other, very notable strain, which are the scaly fish. They tend to be long and covered in big, plate-like scales. While they don’t seem to grow quite as big as the others, they do get to a significant size, as the next fish, Wodka, proves. This German angler tripped up the scaly beauty at 60 yards out from Alcatraz, it weighed 41lb.
Brutus is a fish that it well known to the Korda team – she’s a classic example of the hugely deep mirrors that I just mentioned. This capture saw her record a weight I excess of 60lb for the first time. Another fish making a new best weight is the character that is Blackeye. This unique specimen slammed the scales to over 50lb for the first time. Now, this next fish is something a bit special. The Recluse has only been banked twice before falling foul of Darrell Peck’s traps before succumbing to Adam Penning from Oblivion. Well, now there’s a third name on the roll of honour, Bryan Jarrett. Brian banked the huge common at 52lb, which is yet another fish breaking the 50lb barrier for the first time, incredible.
We can’t finish the round-up without mentioning Ali Hamidi’s free-DVD haul. He banked two first-time fifties while out filming the forthcoming Carp Tackle, Tactics and Tips volume five with Danny Fairbrass. Ali worked hard for his catch, taking Robert’s fish at 57lb and The 43 at over 52lb. Ali baited heavily with boilies to bank a rake of fish during his week.
The most impressive thing about this month’s roundup is that the fish are simply stonking the weight on – they all seem to be growing, so make sure you visit www.gigantica-carp.com/ for details of how to book, or ring Jon Mann direct on 01268 820440 to secure your slice of big-fish heaven.