Gigantica - Places Available!!

There are very few dates left at Gigantica this year, so act now if you want to sample French fishing at its absolute best!

The French Mecca boasts a stock of fish that is the envy of the carp-fishing world, even following the death of its most famous resident, The Giant, which topped 90lb.

At the current time, Gigantica holds an eye-watering stock, which is as follows…

2 x 80lb
6 x 70lb
11 x 60lb
24 x 50lb
Stacks of fish over 40lb!

And they’re just the ones that we know about for sure!

The Gigantica carp are growing extremely quickly and new monsters are emerging all the time. If you’re after a foreign PB, in comfortable surroundings that have been tailored to the needs of the long-stay carp angler, then you need to book your slot at one of the World’s finest big-carp waters.

Here are the dates that are available…

04/05/13 2 spaces
18/05/13 1 space
01/06/13 2 spaces
08/06/13 1 space
06/07/13 2 spaces
20/07/13 1 space
27/07/13 1 space
31/08/13 6 spaces
28/09/13 1 space
05/10/13 1 space
26/10/13 3spaces
02/11/13 2 spaces
09/11/13 6 spaces

If you fancy a slice of the action then all you have to do is contact Jon Mann…

Tel: 01268 820440
E-mail: bookings@gigantica-carp.com

Visit www.gigantica-carp.com for more details.