Gigantica offers some superb fishing for other species!

Gigantica in France is best known for its big carp, but a few pleasure anglers have been experiencing the superb fishing for other species that the complex has to offer.

These rich pits have produced fish of most species to specimen size, including some big bags of silver fish, and several match anglers have already taken advantage of the chance to come and fish there as part of a programme to remove excess stocks, with the fish being relocated in another water.

Danny Fairbrass revealed: “The first to give it a go were Bristol duo, Terry and Marcus, who set about catching quality roach and rudd from a swim known as the Stock Pond on the main lake.

“It took them a while to work out the best tactics, with an 8m pole fished to hand proving less effective than a bulk-shotted slider float to get the bait down to the better stamp of fish in 22 foot of water, but in the end both opted to fish on the bottom with fish falling to a pellet feeder with hair-rigged double corn, as well as a small bomb and long hook link baited with maggot to catch on the drop.

“Once they had worked out where the margin weed ended and how much feed they needed to introduce – via the feeder but also topping up with small Spombs of pellet – they started to build up a proper haul, transferring numerous nets of fish to our neighbours small lake, which looks set to become the best rudd water in France!

“Not only did they bag up on silvers but also helped deliver the breakfast rolls, as well as fishing the Road Lake stock pond at night to help us move the carp trapped in this new area sectioned off from the main lake. They were human dynamos and we were honoured to have them here.”

Terry commented: “This kind of silver fishing just isn’t possible in the UK where I live, and we were catching 6oz to 1lb roach and rudd one-a-chuck, instead of the usual mud-pigs on small commercials at home. We both loved it and will be returning to have a go for the big carp, whilst bagging up on the silvers inbetween!”

The following week saw two more match anglers, Chris and Simon, on the water, this time fishing at the opposite end in the weed-free Southerly Swim. It took them a while to get the fish really going, but once they did they found themselves into a succession of skimmers fishing the cage feeder and lead around 40 yards out.

Danny added: “We are looking to reduce the silver fish, bream and tench population continually over the next 6-12 months, so if you are a pair of mad keen match anglers who want to come and catch these awesome fish for free then get in touch – we will even feed and house you whilst you are here.

“We take a £60 deposit, refunded at the end of the week, to ensure that we only get people who are seriously committed to coming, as in the past several parties have cancelled at the last minute, too late to get replacements.

“So if you are up for some interesting silvers and bream fishing this winter, right up to the end of next March, then we want to hear from you, and it is strictly on a first come, first served basis.”

Anyone who is interested should contact Andy, the Gigantica bailiff, at: andy.savage@gigantica-carp.com