Gigantica October Roundup - Danny Turley

As we near the end of the year and the seasons begin to change, the leaves on the trees are showing us their colourful farewell, the huge flocks of European Cranes begin the annual migration south, but only one thing is in the forefront of my mind... HUGE carp! Obviously, all those boilies consumed throughout the year are now starting to show as weights are far beyond those recorded from earlier captures. The carp’s natural cycle impels them to hold more weight for the coming winter, and this is what the October anglers and I were excited about.
October started slowly. The amazing weather we had experienced throughout September made way for cooler, wetter weather and the fish reacted accordingly. However, nothing stands in the way of those carp piling on the weight and even though only three fish were caught during the first week, I know from past experience that October is a fantastic month to be angling for fish in tip top condition and at top weights... and so it began.
Sport Dres, a Danish tackle shop, visit Gigantica each year, led by Peder Lichtenburg. His group has caught here before and with a decent bait and forearmed with the knowledge of previous visits, the Danes had a fantastic week. Lars was THE man, banking the majority of the fish but what fish!
Fudgies fell at an all time high and a new PB for Lars at 77lb 8oz. He added The Galaxy, again at an all time high of 64lb, Shoulders at 45lb plus, Arfur at 41lb plus and a couple of other awesome fish, making for one hell of a week.
Peder, Michael & Steen caught smaller fish but made the score sheet and Danny in Stock pond caught his new PB, a mirror at 38lb. DT Baits N Blend, fed at around 1 to 2kg per day kept the fish feeding strongly and gave the anglers very good opportunities for bites.
With such decent fish banked by the Danes, it was going to be a tough week to follow but again, some huge, stunning fish were banked. Those hungry autumnal carp continued to feed and although there were only four fish caught, I started the week off with a lovely coloured fish at just under the 40lb mark. It was stunningly coloured and made for a fantastic start to the week. The week thoroughly improved when I banked The Target at a huge 66lb and the Nude Patch common at an all time high of 55lb 12oz, both PB made me smile. Dale managed to snare a beautiful 28lb mirror from the Alamo, a stunning fish. The first frosts of the season appeared this week as well... a taste of what was too come?
The weather improved beyond belief and it was strangely warm, especially at night, which was very comfortable. The weed started to die away and I’m sure that the fish took advantage of this free natural larder. There were lots of night time shows. Fish were caught, as Wayne banked a stunning 25lb common and Karen worked hard and was finally rewarded with an awesome 36lb common, ladies showing us the way! A slow finish, but some truly huge fish were caught, as was anticipated. October has proven time and time again, to be one of THE months to be out on the banks.
Tactics wise, I’m clear to all anglers on how to fish and catch here. Fish tight, bait accordingly and make sure your rigs are suitable and hooks are sharp!
Sounds obvious, but time and time again, I see the same mistakes week in week out. There’s no excuse for not having sharp hooks and at this time of the year, even more so. The fish have been angled for over an entire year and become adept at losing rigs while feeding.
A super-sharp hook will give you such an advantage because you’ll find a decent hook hold to begin with. And with the hook semi in place, your rig mechanics should then compound that hook hold and make it almost impossible for that fish to get away with it. A blunt hook will be dispatched easily. You must be fastidious about your hook holds!
You need to consider what you’re trying to achieve with your baiting, given the conditions. It’s no good baiting for baiting’s sake if you’ve had no indications. Adding bait on bait won’t suddenly make them easier to catch… harder in fact! Watch who’s catching, analyse their baiting strategy and try to understand how they’re feeding against what’s happening in front of them and what there catching. I give advice each week on how to fish and 99 per cent of the time it works. Take on board what I say and evolve your own situation to suit, believe me, it will help you!