Gigantica November Roundup

The month of November has been another good one at Gigantica. We have seen P.B’s smashed, fish reaching their highest weights and anglers enjoying themselves all in one go.
November usually brings with it some really cold weather and this can slow the fishing down considerably. At Gigantica this hasn’t been the case and there has been a good number of fish caught.
The first week saw four fish landed and two lost. 
'Co's Point' produced a 35lb common and a loss to Keith Palmer, whilst the 'Oblivion' saw Pete Jones land a cracking 39lb mirror.
 Gary Lagden also enjoyed success whilst fishing in ‘The Stock Pond’ swim. Gary fished to the main feature, a large gravel area, and banked mirrors of 47lb and 42lb. One of Gary’s fish was an absolutely belting linear, something Gigantica will no doubt become famous for. 
All fish came to spots baited with 'New Grange'. This was a sure sign that he carp were still enjoying their boilies and the prospect of November was looking good.
The weather cooled off somewhat during the anglers stay but was said to improve over the next week, with a low pressure front on its way.
Turtles prediction of action was correct and the lake produced two 50 pounders in 24 hours. 
Trakker’s Matt Quibell landed a real character of a fish named 'Repunsal' at a staggering 57lb 12oz, fishing only 15 yards from the bank. Although there are very few captures from the margins at Gigantica both of ‘Repunsal’s’ captures to date have been from in close. Danny Fairbrass was first to land the fish, earlier in the year, unrecognised at 53lb but now Matt has caught the fish to, in very similar style. The on-site bailiff Danny 'Turtle' Turley was the captor of the second 50 pounder - a fish named 'Big Bollox' at 50lb exactly.
The following week was a touch slower than the last and for much of the week it was quiet. An on-form ‘Turtle’ added yet another 50 pounder to his impressive list of fish when he slipped the net under ‘The Clown’ at 55lb. Although ‘Turtle’ is the on-site bailiff, he rarely fishes the lake and his captures are well deserved. Accompanying ‘Turtle’ for the week were Matt Quibbell, Jake Wildbore, Darrell Peck, Richie Lofthouse and James Mckenzie. Although nothing huge was caught, Darrell landed a 20 pounder whilst Richie took three fish on the final morning - the biggest of which was an absolutely stunning 34lb fully scaled.
These boys were the first anglers enabled to use the boats in order to drop rigs and bait up. The added privilege of being able to do so was no match for the carps intelligence though and it seemed a little more thought would be needed if they were to maximise their use. The Gigantica carp are not stupid and the disturbance caused by the boats was clearly noted.

'Turtle' was fishing from ‘Co's Point’ and caught his fish using a double-boilie hook bait in conjunction with either a Longshank-X or a Kurv. The rigs were presented over a heavily baited area and the carp were still making sure to eat it. No doubt there would be some surprises before Christmas.
The final week of the month saw only two anglers fishing, Danny Fairbrass and a guest named ‘Billy The Golfer’. Billy is known as ‘Golden Balls’ and not without good reason.
Danny decided to fish from ‘Alcatraz’, whilst Billy dropped into ‘The Alamo’. Both anglers were in good swims and the decision not to use boats in order to row their rigs out proved pivotal. The previous weeks onslaught of boat activity and baiting in the middle of the lake had certainly affected the fishing. The anglers used the boats to bait up as normal, but cast and fished to the areas ‘normally’.
With unbelievably good weather and a cracking Westerly blowing into ‘The Alamo’ Bills combination of accurate baiting and seriously sharp hooks put him in prime position for a bite.
He began the week with ‘Baby Two Tone’ at 34lb but also suffered a loss. With the weather improving, the last few days of his trip looked promising. His session ran into December and unfortunately you will have to wait for next months catch report to see if the session lived up to expectations?
The weather this Autumn/Winter has been biblical and the fishing equally so, with an incredibly high weights so far. The fish have been far bigger than we had expected, so much so that 10lb weight gains don’t seem that surprising anymore. The fish are still growing, still eating and still ready to be caught. We have now made a decision to stop the use of the boats when positioning rigs because we are sure it has affected the catch results. December is now with us and we are sure that as we come to the end of this wonderful calendar month and another Gigantica year there will more stories to tell. The Giant hasn’t been caught in a while and with the size of the other fish it’s possible that 2011 could produce the lakes first 90 pounder!