Gigantica bailiff Steve Rocke banks Fudgy's at 85lb 8oz!

Gigantica bailiff Steve Rocke has helped plenty of customers when they’ve caught big fish at the famous venue, but this time it was his turn with an absolute giant!

Steve was having a go on the French venue himself when he connected with the biggest fish in the lake, a mirror known as Fudgy’s which weighed in at 85lb 8oz, just a pound below its best ever weight!

He was fishing a swim known as Stock Pond and explained: “It was a very mild night and at around 8pm I heard two fish in the area, and one of them sounded like an absolute unit!

“Around 8.30pm I had a series of bleeps on my right-hand rod and upon closer inspection I could see that my Stow bobbin had pulled up tight and was holding against the rod blank, and my line was bowstring tight, so I knew I was in.

“As I lifted the rod the fish was kiting out of the bay and under my other two rods, which is where things started to get a bit tricky as I was on my own and trying to pass the rod under the other two whilst maintaining a tight line to it as it powered off.

“Eventually I was able to play it freely and managed to turn it, and after the initial tussle it pretty much came in like a dog on a lead, until I discovered another problem, which was that I didn’t have a headtorch handy.

“The fish swirled a few feet from the bank and all I could see was a pale flank, and the rest involved a bit of guesswork as all I could do was sink the net deep, push it into the centre of the swirl, and just pray to God that it was in!

“I reached for my phone in my pocket and flicked on the torch on that, and there it was, Fudgy’s in my net. The shear width was amazing, and even though I’ve seen this fish several times since I’ve been a bailiff, I still couldn’t help but just stare at how wide it was and straight away I knew it was her.

“I knew that I needed help, so I found Buzz, the other bailiff, and he came round and confirmed it was her – the queen of the pond was mine!

“My arms were still aching a couple of days later and to actually have landed this fish myself was a bit surreal,” he added.

Fudgy’s fell to three pieces of slow-sinking IB maize Fake Food fished over a kilo of chopped and crumbled prototype Mainline boilies, plus maize. He landed the monster on a size 4 Kurv hook, with the barb removed, and a combi-rig made from 25lb Boom and 30lb Arma Kord, with a COG set-up incorporating a Hybrid Safezone leader, fishing at 13.5 wraps down the right-hand side of the swim.

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