Gigantica bailiff lands a seven fish haul despite the conditions!

The Gigantica bailiffs have certainly been making the most of the opportunity to do a bit of fishing themselves, and given how well they know the lake, it is hardly surprising that they have been having some very good catches.

We recently reported a haul of big fish for Steve Rocke, and now one of the other bailiffs, Adrian ‘Buzz, Burrett - who has been at the renowned French fishery for years – has managed to get amongst a few as well, culminating in the capture of a mirror known as Ziggy Stardust at 67lb 8oz.

Buzz, who managed to bank seven fish of the period of a week or two, with some coming in appalling conditions, revealed: “To start with the weather wasn’t bad, with overcast conditions and westerly winds, and daytime temperatures of around 5 degrees with lows of around 2 degrees at night. But as the session progressed it got colder and one night it went down to minus 7, but even that night I still managed to catch one, a mirror of 25lb!

“All of my fish came from Alcatraz and I was concentrating on two spots – one at 27 rod lengths towards the swim known as the Stink; and the other at 31 rod lengths towards the Big Southerly. I did also have one rod in front of Pole Position and that one was left out for ten days before it finally produced a bite, and that was a fish known as The 43, which weighed in at 63lb. I was fishing with three grains of Fake Food slow sinking maize, so I knew the hookbait would be okay and was happy to leave it out there that long once it was on the right spot.

“Apart from The 43, which came at around 2pm, all of my other fish were caught during the early hours of the morning, with 2-4am being the best time for a bite.

“I was baiting with a mixture of Mainline prototype Toffee boilies, which I chopped up and mixed with some hemp and maize, and I was putting out about a kilo on each spot, making sure I was very accurate, and then I wasn’t putting out any more unless I had a bite.”

As well as the two 60s, Buzz also had a common called Lennies at 47lb, Scratches at 43lb 8oz, Short Dorsal at 35lb, and then landed the same fish again a few days later! All of them were banked on size 4 Kurv Shank hooks fished on IQ D-rigs.

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