Giant Wintons common beats PB by 20lb!

Brighton, Sussex-based welder Robert Hatton had the session of a lifetime recently when he headed to Wintons Fisheries for a new year stint, obliterating his PB with one of the biggest commons in the country.

The 42-year-old told the Korda website: “I was fishing a 60-hour session at Wintons Fisheries in Burgess Hill, West Sussex on Kingfisher Lake, swim 29. I decided to fish a bottom bait and go back to basics, where it is usually the norm to use a pop-up or snowman. It was my third time on the water and I decided to fish a more unpopular swim than the popular one that was free, I followed my gut instinct and thankfully it paid off!”

“After putting my rig out and catapulting some freebies on top of my bait I noticed a fish roll. I left my bait out for 24 hours. I'd been smashed with 45mph winds and lashing rain to some extreme limits - I thought my bivvy was going to take off!”

“By this point every other fisherman had gone home and then it happened, my Delkim receiver started ringing...a blessing to my ears! It had been months since the last time it had played like that. I ran out of my bivvy and just about slipped my trainers on, no jacket and rain stinging my eyes.”

“My first thoughts were that it was a 30, bearing in mind my previous PB was 30lb 2oz, after about 15 minutes it rolled in front of me and then I thought it could be a 40lb, my heart was racing. It was in the net...Phew...I looked in and almost had kittens. I quickly got on the phone to my brother Darrell and said ‘get here quick I've got a 40!’”

“I picked it up to have a feel of the weight and after putting it back in the water I had to call him back and say ‘I think its a 50!’ He was there in minutes to take pictures and to help me weigh her.”

Robert’s tackle included a 3oz COG lead system, 30lb Kamo hook link and a size 6 Kurve hook with a bit of shrink tube over the eye. The successful bait was a 15mm CC Moore Equinox boilie combined with a PVA bag of four boilies over a scattering of loose offerings.

For more information on Wintons, which has day ticket options once membership has been purchased, go to http://wintonsfishery.fishing or call 07771 641885.