Getting to know the venue pays off for Nick Longpre!

Basing his swim choice on previous experience really paid off for Nick Longpre when he tackled a southern syndicate water for this cracking 33lb 14oz mirror known as Black Scale.

Having arrived at the venue and not seen much to go on, he decided to drop into a swim where he’d had success in the past in similar conditions, and the next morning it paid off with one of the venues known residents.

Nick explained: “I arrived at the lake around midday to find that there were only two cars in the car park, so I spent a bit of time having a look round and deciding where to fish.

“After a couple of laps of the lake I settled on a swim which I’d done well in before, and with a south-westerly wind pumping into my face it looked spot on for a bite or two. I got out my marker rod and wrapped it up to the correct distance for a spot that I’d fished before, and after a couple of casts with a Marker Lead I could tell that it was still clear and that I’d be able to present a couple of rigs over it.

“I decided to fish two different presentations, one with a wafter and the other on a snowman, but with the same rig, using size 4 Wide Gape hooks to 20lb N-Trap Semi-Stiff hook links and a Kable leadcore leader, with 3.5oz Distance leads on Lead Clips. Once I had both rods in position, and was happy with them, I Spombed out 2kg of mixed sized boilies and 8mm pellets.

“The next morning I was awoken by a couple of bleeps on my left hand rod and I shot out of the bivvy to see that the bobbin had pulled up slightly against my alarm. As I sat there watching the bobbin, it pulled up tight again and the clutch started to tick away.

“I lifted into the fish and after a long battle, during which it tried to weed me up a few times, I finally slipped her over the net cord. I instantly recognized it as one of the named fish in the lake, a mirror called Black Scale.

“I called a couple of mates round and we weighed her and took some pictures before I slipped her back. I was over-the-moon and had a big smile on my face as I began to pack up.”