Gettin' Ziggy - Jim Wilson

"I arrived at my Cambridgeshire syndicate Sunday afternoon for a 40 or so hour session, the weather had been promising and a couple of the weekend lads had caught which was really promising. I opted for a swim known as the Car Park due to it being on the back of a relatively cold, South Westerly wind.

Due to the depths in front of the swim, I opted to fish adjustable zig-rigs on all 3 rods, comprising 9lb N-Gauge hook lengths with size 8 Mixa hooks and small, foam hook baits. I keep the foam permanently soaking in Mainlines Multi Stim with a good addition of Tangerine and Blackcurrant flavours.

The fish were really active, but showing in a bizarre way, almost hurling themselves clear of the water for three or four seconds before quietly re-entering.
I fished all three rods at different depths trying to find a zone the fish were in and during the first night I had a belting 21lb Common which got the confidence flowing.

By late morning the following day, I was beginning to wonder whether a move was the best option or not due to the lack of activity, but as it crept into early afternoon the fish started showing in front of me again and at about 2pm whilst sat having a brew with a mate, the middle rod pulled out the clip in a typical zig-type take and after an awesome battle in the deep water I landed a stunning 38lb common."

Be lucky,