Get your hands on the amazing new range of Goo!

The next generation of Kiana Carp Goo has arrived with four new and exciting flavour and colour combinations!

We know that many of you have been itching to get your hands on them, and they will be in tackle shops from next Tuesday, March 22, priced at £11.99.

Goo has been massively successful and is a proven carp catcher, with many anglers now realising just how effective it is when it comes to boosting the attractiveness of your hookbait to a carp and how quickly they pick it up. So far the results during fieldtesting have been phenomenal, both at home and abroad – including on Masterclass 3 when Goo devotees Ali Hamidi and Neil Spooner used it to good effect to tempt fish to over 60lb!

These four new Goos look set to be every bit as good as their predecessors and are a bit different, as for the first time ever they don’t include the fluorescent green colour that has been synonymous with the brand.

A lot of thought has gone into the four new Goos and each is unique, coming in Bumbleberry, Wonderberry, Wicked Tuna Supreme and Wicked Tuna Smoke, and all still feature the soluble secret attractors that Goo is renowned for.

For the first time ever there is a white Goo, in the Wonderberry flavour, which took a lot of effort to get it the right colour, and is going to be a big hit given the popularity of white hook baits. The smell of this is very different and is based on a blend that has been a hugely successful carp-catcher where Goo first originated, in South Africa!

Just from the smell of the Bumbleberry you know that it is going to catch fish, as it has a very sweet, berry smell to it. This is one that Ali Hamidi personally worked on with Kiana as he has been a big fan of berry flavours mixed with citrus for many years. This will colour your baits a dark pink - depending on what colour the bait was to start with - and gives off a subtle haze in the water!

For something a bit more savoury, there are two different varieties of Wicked Tuna, with both Smoke and Supreme versions. If you’re looking for something that can be put onto hookbaits or PVA bags just prior to casting out, then the Smoke, with its reddish pink colouration, is the one to go for. Plus it can also be layered onto hookbaits over time, like all the Smokes can.

The Wicked Tuna Supreme has the fishy, meaty smell that you would expect, but also has quite a sweet taste. It will penetrate right through your hookbaits, and if applied to white baits will leave them a light pink colour, and once in the water they will keep pumping out a cloud of attraction for hours!