Get Your Fix

Those of you who want to banish the Monday blues with a bit of carpy reading need to head to www.thinkingtackle.com to get their fix! You’ll find issue two of our digital magazine, Thinking Tackle Digital there, and it’s packed with interesting features and short films – perfect for a coffee break!

Underwater 7 has been one of the most talked about releases ever, and Ali Hamidi answers your questions about the shoot, explaining whether the Goo spooked carp, what he’s learned, whether our end tackle spooks fish, and whether the project is designed solely to make Danny richer!
We’ve also got technical features from James Armstrong, Steve ‘The Apache’ Cliff, Elliott Gray, Kurt van Cauwenbergh and Tom Dove, who is live in action at Walthamstow.

Towards the back of the magazine, you’ll find reviews of the tackle that Team Korda has been using over the past few months. Check it out today, you’ll love it!